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Sewing/style/decor blogging tips

I LOVE finding new blogs.  I love reading blogs!  And I love writing this blog.

Twitter and Pinterest are so awesome for helping me find new blogs to follow--and any blogs that have lists of their fave blogs, or share links... like Everybody Everywear.  Anyways, when I find new blogs, there are a few things I appreciate...

(When I started this blog I didn't know much about the blogging world.  I read some books and started exploring big and small blogs... and on some of them I read tips for improving my blog!  From those and other sources, and from exploring inspirational blogs, I learned a lot in the first year or so.  So I'd love to pass on some ideas and tips!  I am NOT an expert but I'd love to help you if I can, and as a reader there are things I enjoy in other blogs!)

Suzannah's blogging tip #1: Big pictures.

BIG pictures.  Blogs are so visual, and if you're doing a sewing, decor, or clothing post, your readers will want to see pics!  On Blogger, when you first put the pic in, it's "Medium." Make it Large or preferably X-Large!  Make your column widths big enough to accommodate the X-Large pics.  It'll make your blog look way more professional and beautiful.

Suzannah's blogging tip #2: Get Twitter!

I can't "follow" blogs on Blogger anymore--hit the limit of 300 ages ago.  Now I get my news from Twitter!  Get a Twitter account and tweet at least once a day.  Tweet when you post a new post and whenever you want to share anything else!  I want to follow your blog, but I can't if I can't stay in touch with you!

Suzannah's blogging tip #3: Get rid of the captcha.

Unless you have a really good reason, or get a lot of spammers, get rid of the captcha phrase that people have to type in before they can comment.  You want comments, don't you???  Typing in the phrase to prove that we're human slows commenters down.  I read this tip before I started my blog and have never had a problem with spam comments.  I get them sometimes but I just delete them.

Okay, that's all for now.  Just wanted to blab a little in the hopes that we all can blog and read and share each other's great thoughts!


  1. Thanks for the tips...I have been blogging for a little while now but still haven't gotten into the micro blogging - maybe it's time I become more diligent about using twitter!

  2. You can also follow blogs through google reader - then you can set up folders and see when someone updates. It's pretty handy!

  3. I use Google reader to follow blogs right now. I've never used Twitter so I am a little unsure about it but perhaps it's time to start it up.

  4. Good tips. I always feel like I'm offending someone's screen if my pictures are too large, but I'm slowly learning.
    I just started using Bloglovin. I like it so far. It really helps when a blog I like has the button to automatically add it

  5. Thanks for the tips, I'm just at that point where I'm contemplating starting a blog to increase my sewing productivity...I figure if I've posted that I'm doing something I'll be more inclined to pull my finger out and finish it in a reasonable time span. Thanks again x

  6. I would suggest making your blog posts fully readable in RSS feeds such as Google Reader. It makes it so much more convenient and easier to read!

  7. I agree with Sara - I use Google Reader and do not always click to the full page if the blog only gives a paragraph preview. I'm not sure why every blog is not set as fully readable. I've deleted a number of blogs from my list for this reason alone.

  8. I second (third?) Sara and erinkg - I enjoy your blog and understand that not allowing feeds to post the entire blog entry is a form of protection. However, I use Google Reader, and thus I read your blog much less frequently than I would otherwise because it takes extra effort compared to all the others I read. Ultimate9ly it's your choice, of course, but I would be a huge fan of you allowing feeds to show your entire posts - or at least part of it, if not all!

  9. Thanks for the thoughts, guys. I just got BlogLovin and am excited to be able to save blogs I like! And I like the preview pics so I can know if I want to go to the full post...

    Which brings me to another of your ideas. I haven't allowed the full post to show up on feeds of my blog so far because I worry that people won't have an incentive to go to the full post. But it sounds like I may be causing the opposite problem?

    If you can see the entire blog post on the feed, do you ever go to the actual blog as well?

  10. Glad you like them! Hope to share some more soon.



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