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How to Wear DIY: My crazy vest

Today... [on How to Wear DIY...]

I talked last week about this crazy vest that I made, and was planning on getting creative with for making outfits.  Thanks for your outfit ideas, by the way!  I love hearing your ideas!!!

The vest is actually really fun to wear.  A little weird, with the swingy shape (I'm used to tighter stuff), but very fun.  I kept it simple with jeans and a light-colored top (one of you suggested a variation on this, actually!), and some classic brown suede heels that I love to get a chance to wear.

It was nice for a late fall look--although for going out till the evening, I certainly did need a coat over it!  But that's not as cute, so no pics of that.

I like this pic, except for the car that's blowing out my right ear...

Tee: Old Navy. Jeans and necklace: Forever 21. Shoes: Land's End--$5 at Sears on clearance!
Watch: American Eagle. Vest: DIY!

So, now I know I can wear it keeping it simple.  How would you wear this or any other kind of funky DIY creation?


  1. love the vest!

    now following u on pinterest :) i find it so inspiring, especially for diff techniques!

    ps i want ur shoes :)

  2. I LOOOOOOOVE vests! and this one is super cute!
    I could totally see it over a striped sweater dress or a long-sleeved turtle neck. You could easily wear a chunky knit cowl
    And these lapels would look great with a simple brooch" Have you thought about DIY removable Fur cover for the lapel? That would look cute too...
    Gee this is actually super inspiring, I could think of half a dozen other ideas to wear/accessorize this piece!

  3. Thanks!! Great ideas! @Petite Joestte, faux fur would be soooo cute on this, but I already DIY'ed a faux fur collar vest so I may keep this one plain: http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com/2011/11/sweater-vest-makeover-with-faux-fur.html



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