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Easy long vest pattern

I got a little crazy with this one.  I've been into vests for quite some time now, but wanted something a little more interesting than my basic long open sweater vests.

I picked up Simplicity 2188 a while back when Simplicity was a $0.99 on sale at JoAnn.  It's not the cutest pattern, at first glance, but I liked the vest it contained--shown in a lightweight white for summer.

I had some weird tannish-blackish suiting sitting around, only a yard or so, so I turned it into the mysterious, open summery vest.  I'm thinking fall/early winter for this, 'cuz it's not warm or anything!

I had a lining that matched very closely.  And I interfaced the collar, understitched all the way, etc.  It was sort of like a mini-tailoring project!  A very simple one, of course.

Stay tuned next week--I have a How to Wear DIY post planned, and I'd love your ideas on how to wear this funky thing, too!


  1. Well done, this looks fab and very neat! I'd wear cream chiffon loose blouse, skinny jeans and high ankle boots with it :-) xx

  2. love the color/fabric! can't wait to see what you wear with it (i love Wag Doll's suggestion).

  3. I love those collar/neckline on waistcoats and jackets! Your's looks fab and the lining is a good match for colour :)

  4. Beautiful job! I love the color of the fabric, which is a safe color for fall and winter, I bet it will have a lot of wear this season

  5. Thanks! Yeah, it is a nice color/tone, actually, just sort of unusual.

    Great outfit idea!

  6. Very cute! Simplicity 2556 is a cute collection of vests too. I plan on making a few

  7. I

    I Would pair it with a white tank, a long necklace, and short skirt ;)


  8. Anonymous12/05/2011

    Love this funky vest. I'd do a black scoop neck, long sleeved jersey, jeans, with brown leather belt, high boots in brown, teal to turqoise or a funky shade of blue scarf or statement necklace, bracelet and earrings, and matching bag. WOW



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