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What I'll be buying this weekend

It sort of just hit me that Thanksgiving is less than a week away.  I do my grocery shopping on the weekends so that means it's time to buy the things I'll need for Thanksgiving!

For me, luckily, all I'm making on my own is my fave raw cranberry relish.  My husband's family and my parents and I are all having Thanksgiving together again this year, and the moms are cooking most of it so I have it pretty easy.  But I have a very limited diet, and last year I made the most amazing raw cranberry relish (no processed sugar or anything, all raw ingredients--I don't do white sugar and try to eat as much fresh food as possible).

I wanted to make it again, but couldn't quite find the recipe... I found these lovely, similar ones...
I poked around in my bookmarks and did some Google searching, but wasn't sure which recipe it was... and I wondered if maybe I had posted the recipe here on the blog?

Well, I had.  Now I feel silly.

I loved this recipe so much last year (Sooo tasty!  Totally guilt-free!  No sugar aftertaste!  Fresh and delish!) that I posted about it here.  Here's the recipe again--I think I had used this one last year as a starting point.
  • A bag of cranberries 
  • An orange 
  • An apple (I used a large Jonagold) 
  • 0.5-1.5 cups whole dates (not the chopped ones dusted in oat flour, just regular dates) 
  • Optional: a handful walnuts or pecans
Put in food processor.  Turn on food processor.  EASY!

If you like yours smoother and more sauce-like, pulse for longer. If you like it chunkier, puree the dates in the food processor first, then add all the other ingredients.

Can't wait to enjoy this tasty dish again this Thanksgiving!

Hope your weekend is going well--are you getting ready for any special recipes or traditions this year?


  1. LOVE this take on the cranberry relish! I usually make the version with the sugar, but really want to give this a try now. I love the idea of cutting the refined sugar in this dish and keeping it sweet. Thanks!

    And thank you for the inspiration on this blog. I am thankful to have found you this year. I got a decent amount of sewing and cutting done on projects, so it is a productive weekend thus far. May you and yours enjoy a very happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Anonymous11/19/2011

    Sounds good, I hate the sugary aftertaste of cranberry sauce!

  3. Yeah, it's sooo tasty! So glad you're inspired, @Melissa, Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  4. Just made the relish... Soooo good! Will have to share this. <3

  5. Jennifer11/25/2011

    Thanks for this! I made it...actually added a touch of sugar, as I only had a few dates on hand & didn't want to brave the crowds at the store. My sister & I are gluten-free, so no gravy for us. But this was just the right touch with the turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. So cool that you made it, Jennifer! I added a littlw agave to mine this year, also, just for extra sweetness when I didn't want to blend it any more.



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