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How to Wear DIY: Grey sweater transformation

Lots of us take in and change sweaters, right?  I know I do, and some turn out better than others.  But I've really been loving this one that I took in last year--technique I used in this tutorial.

Anyway, I took in this huge but lovely grey-and-grey sweater from Banana Republic--here's the before and after, and made it sort of a totally different look than it was intended for because it's so long and tunic-ey.  I pulled it out once the weather turned cold again, and it's become part of my Fall 2011 uniform, basically, layered with a couple shirts under, and my fave greige-ey boots (Target last year, but I got them brand new at Goodwill for $7--score!).    Seriously, I've worn some variation on this like three times in the past month.  And I love layering to keep warm!

Wish I had more checkered shirts.  I love this one.

What do you think, better with or without the belt?

Boots: Target via Goodwill. Checkered shirt and tee: Old Navy. Watch and necklace: American Eagle. 
Belt: Vintage/Goodwill. Jeans: Levi's. Sweater: DIY, made over from Banana Republic via Goodwill Outlet.

Cozy, long sweaters, jeans, boots... seriously, cute and fun uniform for cold weather.  And necessary!


  1. cute!!! better with the belt

  2. Super cute! I love neutrals. I think it is better without the belt. It just looks easier and more comfortable that way.

  3. Is anyone else having trouble accessing the tutorial link?

  4. Thanks, I appreciate the belt input, keep it comin'!

    @Lauren, here's the tutorial link again: http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com/2010/10/tutorial-how-to-take-in-sweater.html

  5. I think it looks great with the boots and very practical for the cooler weather.
    The belt accentuates your waist but for those of us that don't have a small waist I think the beltless version would be more flattering.

  6. What a score on those boots! Next time I'm thrifting I will remember this sweater DIY!

  7. I just watched a movie set in the 80's and that knit rolled collar was everywhere! It looks great. I think the outfit looks more put-together with the belt.

  8. I also think with out the belt is better. The look gets much more cozy and fall-y that way.

  9. Anonymous11/20/2011

    Another vote for with the belt, although it looks great without, too! Are you wearing socks or legwarmers with the boots? I love the look of them sticking out over the jeans!



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