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Tons of vintage patterns!

So, a looooong, long time ago (April) I mentioned that I had a bunch of extra vintage patterns I didn't know what to do with, and would anyone like to buy them for cheap--like a lot of 5 of them for $10 or something?  And lots of you were interested!

I'm phasing out the Etsy store I have, but I've posted eight sets of vintage patterns grouped by size and era, mostly 60's and mostly pattern size 12--modern size 4 or so, all for sale in the Etsy shop!  Have fun browsing!

It's a great way to build a group of vintage patterns to draw from.  Check it out to see if there are any left in your size!


  1. My mom just gave me a box filled with vintage patterns... there weren't as many nice ones as you seem to come across though. Still cool to see some of the styles coming back. I sold a ton of the ones I didn't think I would use for $0.25 at a garage sale. Didn't realize they was a demand.

  2. My mom went to a auction and got so many vintage patterns! I was so excited! I think they need to make these kind of patterns again!

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  4. @banclothing, sounds like a great garage sale!

    They have been popular on the Etsy shop but there are still a few packages left!



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