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(Three day!) weekend plans...

I have a three-day weekend this weekend... YAY!  Do you?  Some people have next Friday off, I guess... I sort of forgot about Columbus Day until now, when I work full time and really appreciate the random holidays... ;)

On the list this weekend, I'm hoping to wrap up a super cute sweatshirt makeover inspired by these Anthro cozy things from like two years ago....

I'm going to a bridal show with a friend--always fun to see the pretty things and sample chocolate fountain fruit kebabs.

Also have to check out a JoAnn sale on Sunday, with my mom.  I have some overlapping coupons to use, and Simplicity patterns are gonna be $0.99.  I need a cute shirt pattern, and some interfacing.  Wahoo.

And we're going to a pumpkin patch with a couple of friends!  Excited to get into the fall feel!  There's a pumpkin patch west of Portland that has a paddle boat and train that you get to/have to ride on to get to the pumpkins.  Silly but fun.

Do you have any lovely sewing or festive fall plans this weekend?


  1. Anonymous10/08/2011

    Oooh, that bridal show sounds fun! And I'd completely enjoy that paddle boat ride to get my pumpkin. I love fun little things like that! I don't have a three day weekend, so I'm jealous. :) My plans for this weekend are to go thrifting, and to sew! Super excited!

  2. Thrifting and sewing, yep, I'll be doing a little of both of those, too!

  3. I miss going to to Joann's. It so much further than it used to be



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