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Just got an iPhone--oh, the possibilities!

I just got an iPhone this weekend.  Pretty exciting stuff.  I'm still getting used to it, but there are so many cool options... I can't wait to get Instagram and other random apps and link my Twitter to my phone (it was annoying to use on my Droid).  I feel so much cooler now ;)... haha, kidding.

But I know there are all kinds of cool things you can do and ways you can use iPhones that are super awesome--do any of you have any suggestions for a fellow crafty-minded lady?  Any great apps I've simply got to get?

Also, I need a case.  Turns out there are lots of fun ones on Etsy!!  Love these graphic ones...

All from here
And of course I could make myself a little fabric sleeve or something if I need it.  Although unzipping it or whatever just sounds like an extra step before I'm able to actually use the phone.

Again, I welcome tips!


  1. The most important tip for me when it comes to a case is to get a slim fit one so you can dock your phone. I don't have a ihome dock, just one that was $50 at target that is compatable, and I use it as by bedside alarm. My first case didn't let me dock my phone because it was too thick on the bottom to dock properly, but my second slim one does. (it's really nice to be able to just drop your phone into a dock every night,) I would also suggest getting a blogger compatible app, you can't upload photos otherwise.

  2. buy a case! its very sad when you drop your phone and it's not perfect anymore.

  3. Picasa Web Albums - seamless uploading and posting of photos.
    Blogger App (can also post to blog by email) I posted on my blog using the App and wrote about the Jo-Ann App here: http://satinbirddesigns.blogspot.com/2011/09/jo-ann-iphone-app-blogger-app-other.html
    Myriad of photo editing Apps - try free ones first.
    It's a great time to hop on the iPhone train with the intro of iOS 5 and iCloud. I do recommend a case for protection, as you are essentially walking around with a computer. I also highly recommend Apple Care. I have used it a few times.
    I've been working on a post about the great Apps for the iPhone and iPad. I'm still researching all the Apps, but look for it soon.
    Have fun with your new iPhone!

  4. I love my iphone. get a screen cover. I'm glad i did, or my screen would be mush by now.

  5. There's a great app called Sewing Kit. It cost $10, which is kind of a lot for an app but it's totally worth it! You can enter all of your commercial patterns and it will pull the pattern cover and line drawings from the company website. Plus, on Simplicity patterns it pulls the envelope back too. That way when you're at the fabric store you know what patterns you already have and you can match fabric to them. It also has an option for logging fabric, projects you're planning and measurements and pictures for multiple people. It's pretty much changed my sewing life...

  6. I bought a silicon case off of ebay. Its grippy and looks really nice. The bonus part of it is that it included a screen cover, which I wasn't aware of at the time of purchase. I think its called The Otter.

  7. Awesome - I just upgraded to the new Droid, but not after seriously considering going iPhone. I'm interested to see how you like it. Maybe you could DIY paint your own case? Or mod podge collage your own ... just to keep the DIY feel going.

  8. Congratulations! i'm patiently waiting for iphone5. Happy now with my windows phone.

  9. If/when I FINALLY get an iphone, i'm totally get this case for it: http://connectdesign.co.kr/front/php/product.php?product_no=170&main_cate_no=1&display_group=2

  10. Oooh, thanks everyone, awesome tips!! Can't wait to get some good apps goin.

  11. I have a slip on case, as seen http://www.goincase.com/products/detail/metallic-slider-case-cl59678 here, and I love it! It's enough protection on the outside, and it feels nice in your hands. I really like the slip on type. And, I would totally recommend getting a soft padded case. I sell them on my Etsy, and I'm adding some with removable wristlets. It protects the phone in your purse, and it's easy to grab for a quick errand.

  12. Sarah H10/22/2011

    OtterBox...it's not pretty, but it protects! Especially with the 4 having glass front and back! Don't forget a screen protector. Favorite apps: Pinterest, Instagram, Allrecipes and Kayak



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