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I want that! Fur-collared vest

So, fur vests are in this year.  Or was it last year?  I may be a little behind the times, but I pick up on trends eventually ;).

I don't always adopt them, though.  I am not a big fur person (stop picturing a large, furry person, although I'm not that, either)--I've never loved the fur look, so when I saw stylish stars and trendsetters in the magazines wearing fur vests this year I didn't imagine I'd ever pull off the look myself.

Like this--I would never wear this, but it's cute!
Source: google.com via Kacy on Pinterest

I did see this look on Pinterest, though--this is getting more wearable.  Shorter vest, clearly not a real fur so not super heavy or guilt-laden, great other pieces with it...

And even H&M has a furry vest that I would maybe, when I'm feeling adventurous, consider wearing.

Source: hm.com via Suzannah on Pinterest

And--just because--aaaaaw......
Source: None via Briar on Pinterest

But anyway, not until I saw some of these fur-featuring, but not overly furry, outfit ideas did I really consider actually wearing something with fake fur on it.

See here, just a fur collar makes this a fun sweater vest...

And this coat is lovely and girly all by itself, but the fur collar adds a little something.

And here's a laid-back look with a fur collar, again on a sweater.
Source: lookbook.nu via Ber on Pinterest

Anyway, my point is, I want to pull it off.  I want to try the fur fad while it's around!

So, last weekend, I stopped by JoAnn and bought myself a whole yard (wow, that's a lot) of a nice soft brown cheetah-ish plush fake fur.  It is lovely and quite soft for the cheap poly stuff.  I have several projects in mind for it...

Because, of course, when I see a trend I like, I will DIY it!!!

Oh, but please, share your tips for wearing fur or fake fur if you have them!


  1. I really wanted to make a detachable collar like the last photo. I wanted to use real fur though.

  2. When looking for great on trend DIY ideas I often visit here:
    Her blog is great and so are her tutorials. She has a few tutorials for fur vests. Her pages do take a little bit to load, but they're worth it. Hope that helps out. :)

  3. I've been loving all the different fur pieces this season and actually managed to find some great faux fur for some projects! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  4. Fur coat collars/stoles like the last two pictures can be found at thrift stores if you know where to look. Sometimes they can be super pricey but if you're lucky, you can find them for reasonable prices. Plus, its old fur so you don't have to feel bad about an animal getting killed.

    You might even be able to use one of those yucky faux fur coats that are all over thrift stores to cut up and sew your own collar from. Often times the fur you can get at craft stores is too thin to be used for anything but crafts so the higher quality fur of an old coat might be better?

  5. Great points! I had thought that so often coats come with the removable fur or fake fur collar pieces, so I imagine they end up at thrift stores relatively frequently.

    I'm not sure I would have the heart to cut up a vintage fur coat, but maybe if it was worn out in other places or a super ugly style ;)...

  6. I've never sewed with fur myself but I keep eyeing them at Joanns. I've seen tick tock vintage wearing fur details, a la http://pinterest.com/pin/334399482/ (subtle!) and http://www.chloelovescharlie.com/shop/460/dresses/Red_Tweed_Dress (not so subtle, but really cute and interesting).

  7. Wonderful pic´s. A furvest is the best to warm up without covering all over.
    ...please give me the coat. It´s so lovely!

  8. Anonymous10/26/2011

    I bought a load of faux fur last year and was worried it wouldn't still be in this year, but now that it is, I have SO many projects planned. We'll have to swap notes when done =)

  9. Love that first image - makes the faux fur trend look v classy

  10. Oh yeah! I spotted a lot of fur while I was shopping out 'n about yesterday. I was on a mission for office clothes, but I'd love to see what you try!



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