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How to Wear DIY: Double DIY, Doubtake

I've talked before about how red jeans look great with camel, tan, beige, neutrals...

And you may have seen my post and tutorial about my red jeans SAVE and makeover!  I am way into the red jeans thing.  I feel almost automatically stylish in them.

And you may have seen my vintage (80's/90's) silk top makeover into a cute, wearable top tutorial, as part of a strong effort on my part to wear more loose tops without feeling sloppy.  I'm learning.

So when I saw this tan silky, boxy shirt from around the same era, also at Goodwill for super cheap, I saw its potential!

Here's the "before":
Quite shapeless.  High neck, longish short sleeves, meant to fit the armhole and natural shoulder.  I employed the tutorial and also hemmed the sleeves and cut down the neckline, making a facing out of a similarly colored lining fabric and some lightweight fusible interfacing.  The open neckline was major progress toward wearability.

Here's what it turned into!  Worn, of course, with my also DIYed red jeans!

I did the half-tuck in the front, but I suppose if I was wearing flats and a slouchy bag like the girl in the second inspiration picture, I could rock it untucked as well.

Yowsa!!  I feel pretty racy with my fabulous leopard print Steve Madden heels that I never wear but love!

Shirt: DIY from an 80's Goodwill find! Shoes: Steve Madden. Belt: ? Necklace: Forever 21.
Watch: American Eagle. Jeans: DIY, made over from scary MaxxRave or something ones!

Fun, fun, fun!  Lots of DIY going on in this outfit!  Any other ideas on how to wear a neutral-colored loose top like this one??


  1. Love it- you look great! Why don't I ever find anything in thrift stores? (I think shopping with three boys under the age of 6 probably has something to do with it)
    And if you love the heels, just wear them. They're hawt :)

  2. Yes, you rock these jeans and loving the leopard heels. Whenever I'm wearing the slouchy tops I try to even it out somewhere on my body so I don't look too bag lady!

  3. I think that top would look fab with vivid turquoise/teal/peacock blue trousers/skirt on the bottom plus a dark-tan leather belt slung low on the hips, plus a long pendant in dark gold/brass metal tones + a turquoise/blue-y stone on the end of the pendant (or possibly some large chunky cuff-bracelets 1 in the dark-gold/brass metal finish + pair it with a second one in the blue, or in a darker carved-wood finish). Also hair tied back in a low loose bun with a few tendrils down around the face :)

    Also - you could swap out all the above blue tones for a dark burnt orange (should work well in the way the red does), or use dark forest green with a hint of warm olive undertones to it instead.

  4. The red lipstick is really what makes it.
    Nicely done!

  5. Looks great! I bet you could tuck that in to a lot of skirts too, or leave it untucked and put a belt over it.

  6. That looks great! What a versatile shirt!. You could also wear it in a high waisted black or patterned skirt or with jeans.

  7. Girl, if only I had your sewing abilities... absolutely amazing! Love the look!

  8. Love the red pants! =)


  9. They look super cute together. I got my red jeans back in early spring and have been wearing them all summer with ballet flats. Now it's toocold for them, so I'm trying to find a way to wear them with boots. Any ideas?

  10. Thanks!!!

    @MariaDenmark, good question... I love my riding boots but haven't figured out how to wear them with the red jeans! I'll look for ideas. =)



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