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I bought a lot of patterns this weekend.

I have a lot of sewing to do!  I stocked up on Simplicity patterns at JoAnn this weekend--they were $0.99 each.  I'm particularly excited to make this... (view B, the drawing)

Not sure what fabric yet.  It has soooo many pieces--I'm afraid I'll have to actually read the instructions, yikers.  Every step.  I want it to be super cute.  I wish I had the perfect greige heavy but soft cotton... but I don't.

The jacket from this looked super cute for work--there was a photo of it on the big picture in the pattern book.

 'Course, I don't have fabric for that yet, either.  Could I pull off a colored blazer-like jacket, I wonder?  Hmm...

This cardigan looks good, considering how often I wear long, open cardis... and I bought some grey knit on clearance to make it out of.

And--don't judge--look at the girl in the picture in the tan cropped version of these pants.  Now, ignoring the fact that there's also a pajama version, couldn't these pants totally work for work?  Out of a substantial enough fabric, of course.  I have some issues not looking 20 years older than I actually am when I wear pants to work (I can't wear jeans, but there's no need to wear nylons and heels).  Dunno what color.  I usually wear ballet flats...
I have my work cut out for me this week...

Oh!  And I'm also very excited to be making one of Paradiso Designs's bags, for my mom!

That one I actually have all cut out and started.  Making purses is not my usual thing, so I'm following all the instructions on that one, too!  And it's going really well so far, and it's a lot of fun to see how simple steps put this super cool bag together really fast!

Anyway.  I welcome any suggestions for using my new patterns!  Do you have any great fall projects in the works?


  1. Cute patterns.

    Go for the colored blazer! I think they are so fun - especially in purple. :)

  2. I've been eyeing those tan knit pants in Simplicity 2061 also, but I'm waiting for someone else to make them first. I agree that they totally have potential in the right fabric.

  3. The tan pants look like a similar cut to something J. Crew makes in a charcoal grey. I think it's worth a shot!

  4. I made two dresses with the Cynthia Rowley pattern this past summer(view A- one with the back tie and one without the tie and a pencil skirt). As a novice, it was quite hard but I love the compliments I receive each time I wear one.

  5. Love the jackets--I hope you will show us/give some tips! Those are pretty advanced for me. I'm working up the courage to try Amy Butler's Anna Tunic. I bought some really cute grey polka dot fabric, but it was expensive so I'm scared to cut! I'm also taking a knitting class in November--super excited for that!

  6. Can I get a witness from my girls who dig the C. Rowley patterns!? I picked up this much-coveted pattern at the sale this past weekend: http://www.simplicity.com/p-5908-misses-miss-petite-dresses-cynthia-rowley-collection.aspx I'm thinking a sweet plaid wool in peacocky shades.

    Speaking of peacock colors - I'm still working on my daughter's Halloween costume. She'll be one pretty bird (I hope)!

  7. I like what you post i hope you check out my blog.


  8. Great ideas, thanks!!!

    Yeah, some of the Cynthia Rowley patterns are really great! So nice to see sewing ideas that trendier people can get comfortable with...

  9. These patterns are great! I especially love the cardigan one! I've been wanted to get back into sewing and you are inspiring me to :)
    P.S. Love your blog!!

  10. I also stocked up at joanns this weekend-- who can beat 8 patterns for 8 bucks! I made 3 versions of the cynthia rowley pattern this summer, and they always get me compliments! Enjoy!

  11. I snagged that cynthia rowley dress pattern this weekend, too! And about four others of hers. I'm glad to see that others have used it with success. It makes me excited to try it!

  12. Anonymous10/12/2011

    i love the tan cropped pants!!! and what a score for $1!!!!!


  13. Great picks! I wear the cardigan I made from that knit pattern all the time. I lengthened the sleeves to a 3/4 length and it works great. It's pretty easy too. I also have the CR crazy-bodice-dress pattern, but I'm kind of afraid to attempt it. I didn't even look at the jacket - good catch!

  14. Great patterns there, I love Cynthia Rowley's patterns, and the tan cut off's look very like a pattern I want to try from a recent Burda magazine.

  15. I have that Cynthia Rowley pattern, also, but I've yet to make anything with it. I think maybe I'm waiting until summer. Or until I finish the 95 other dresses I'm working on. It's super cute, though!


  16. I totally grabbed patterns too! And McCalls is $0.99 this weekend! The slouchy pants are cute and would look great with a knit version of that C.R. jacket but I would be careful that they don't end up looking like MC Hammer pants. I personally couldn't pull off that look. They would just hang there like a baggy set of worn out leggings. I really look forward to seeing what you sew up. I was just at Goodwill tonight (i hit up the wealthy neighborhoods Goodwill) and got some awesome stuff! A brand new with tags silk button-less cardigan with embroidered flowers and beads that totally says "glam 50s". $12!! I heart Goodwill



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