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How to Wear DIY: Vintage silk made-over top

I love How to Wear DIY.  Time to get those homemade pieces out and make them work for real life!

Let's start here.

Loose-ish tops.

Source: fashionsalade.com via Suzannah on Pinterest

I haven't totally mastered wearing loose tops, but I picked up this silk top at Goodwill thinking I could try making it over into something modern and wearable!  Since silk is so much nicer than whatever the ones at Forever 21 are made of--cheap poly blends etc.

And, brights are in this year!  So here's the "before"--I'm sure you recognize this shapeless thing from the days of high-waisted jeans and big, round earrings.  Your Goodwill or thrift store probably has plenty, too!


I figured out a few little alterations I could take (hint: armhole), and turned this baby around!  Check out the "after":

Nice early fall look, eh, with wide leg jeans and some new fave yellow platforms from Target ($3.99 brand new at Goodwill, love them).
Shoes: Target via Goodwill. Jeans: Express via Goodwill. Necklace: Forever 21. 
Top: DIY, made over from a vintage Goodwill one!

I'm still learning to rock the loose top, but it's getting easier to think of outfits!  Any other ideas out there?


  1. could you give us some tips on sewing with silk? it seems like such a finicky fabric!

  2. Anonymous10/12/2011

    I like it!

  3. It looks so much better, love it! But then again, everything always looks good on you!

  4. Ha, I wear the originals out as is! Tuck it into a pencil skirt and top with a cardigan. Anything shapely on the bottom will create a nice hourglass shape.

  5. Aaw, thanks!! Sure, silk tips... I'll think about it and post some tomorrow with the tutorial for this makeover!

  6. I second the request for sewing with silk tips. I really like this look and love a loose top!

  7. Looks absolutely amazing! I haven't done dress making in over a year, but this is definitely giving me some inspiration. It reminds me of when I was in London and I found a beautiful fabric store in Soho!

    Just a heads up, I have my own blog about travelling through Europe, so if anyone's interested just pop on this link: http://europeanadventuresforstudents.blogspot.com/



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