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Oooh, weddings...

Whew!  It's been a busy summer.  But now, our wedding is over, we're back from our honeymoon, and I get to sit back and enjoy all my fave pretty wedding blogs without the pressure of challenging myself to do more for my big day.

During the wedding process, I posted lots of pics and thoughts about the DIY projects I was working on--and so many of you shared that you had done lots for your weddings, too, so I started a Flickr group since I was dying to see all your pics!  Here are some of my faves... and here are some more!

Shoe Clips
Shoe clips by Cation Designs
P1020068 (copy)
Decorated cake topper by Sandra
Wedding dress redo
Dana designed/made her dress from an existing one!
Lolly Buffet Sign
By Petticoats and Peplums
Weddings are so much fun.  If you did any great DIYs or projects for yours, feel free to add them to the Flickr group!  Or just leave a comment!


  1. What great pics! DIY wedding are the best!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  2. Absolutely! It's amazing what some people come up with!

  3. thanks for sharing my lolly buffet sign! That was a nice little surprise at the end of your post. My wedding is only 2 months away now. I am so excited!

  4. Sure, @Kat! Your signs are so cute. Hope to see more pics after the wedding!

  5. ohh thank you for including my cake toppers:-)

  6. Anonymous9/23/2011

    I just came across your blog and really enjoyed reading through your posts, specially the DIY weddings. Actually, reading your blog encouraged me to create a Flikr account and upload some pics. For my wedding, I made my bouquet out of satin roses, satin roses for my maids and boutoneers for all the guys as well as fascinators for my bridesmaids. We also made our invitations and favor boxes, I will have to upload those pics later, I just posted the ones I had handy on my computer. Thanks for the chance to show off, lol. Here's the link to my photostream http://www.flickr.com/photos/67869640@N04/

  7. This is awesome. I just got engaged this weekend and will have to bookmark this page so when I'm ready to start planning I can come back to it. I already know alot of the wedding will be DIY so this will be perfect for me!



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