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In my kitchen--easy hand towels

As I mentioned when I showed you my little kitchen re-do, I have a new and elegant solution to small hand towels slipping off the rod.  Not bad, eh?

I made several of these from small kitchen towels I bought for super cheap at Grocery Outlet.  They were shorter than average hand towels, and slid off quite annoyingly when I just hung one on the towel bar.  So, I sewed two together, top end to bottom end right side to wrong side, and added some Velcro.  Now it's a tube!

They open out and then Velcro shut around the towel bar.  See what I mean about sewing (the middle) right side to wrong side?  It's like two overlapping towels, like roof shingles.  That way there's a black trim band halfway around the loop.  I sewed at the top of the hem so the black band sticks up a little.

I put three same-size pieces of Velcro on each towel.  I had eight towels, so now there are 4 tube towels!

It was a super easy project.  You could totally do this with regular towels, too!


  1. thanks - that's brilliant! i might have to try this in our powder room, because those towels are perpetually on the floor...

  2. Anonymous10/25/2011

    love this idea :) my 1 year old keeps pulling kitchen towels down off the stove handle as quickly as I keep hanging them back up - now I'll be one step ahead!



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