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My sneaky "something blue"

I'm getting married in three days!

We're picking and choosing which wedding traditions to go with, but I figured I ought to wear something old, something new (which I was doing anyway), something borrowed, and something blue.  I have nothing against blue but it's not one of our wedding colors, and I'm not doing the garter thing so no blue ribbon there or anything, and I don't want to wear jewelry with blue on it.  BHLDN offers the pale blue Dew Drop Pin for $115, but I didn't want to add that, either.

So, my solution was, I took a piece of $0.50/spool blue ribbon and made a bow.  I sewed it to the center front of my bra.  No pics of that, sorry, internet... ;)

Sneaky!  And it doesn't affect anything else I'm wearing, so no worries about color or showage.  Now I'm all set, right? ;)

What were your old/new/borrowed/blue pieces, if any?

(If you made any of your accessories, or did any other DIYs for your wedding, I'd love for you to share them in the Adventures in Dressmaking DIY Weddings Flickr group!!)


  1. I had a small blue button on my garter. It was lovely.

  2. Anonymous8/03/2011

    You're wedding is going to be beautiful, I can't wait to see pictures! Good luck and congratulations!

  3. Anonymous8/03/2011

    Cute Idea! Dont forget a sliver piece in your shoe!! or a dime taped to the bottom :)

  4. My old and new were the same item, the clutch I made from my dress, with part of my mom's and Grandma's dress fabric embellishing it, and my Dad's wedding ring (now a gold cross) pinned to it. My blue was my vintage blue ice earrings and bracelet. Borrowed was my necklace and part of my veil. My shoes were metallic, so that counted as the "silver sixpence" in my shoe!

  5. Blue was on my dress, -see this picture here ;)http://ashleecarter7.blogspot.com/2011/07/most-patriotic-on-block.html
    Old was a handkerchief from my mom. It was her mom's and she had used it on her wedding day, that was tucked into my bra.
    New was my shoes, and borrowed was the veil from one sister and slip from another. I liked that I had something from both sisters and mother's weddings =)

  6. My sister had the following (I think!)
    Old: a fifty-cent piece that our grandmother had in her shoe when she was "capped" as a nurse (new tradition!)
    New: DRESS.
    Borrowed: Also the fifty-cent piece. It's mine, but I'll be lending it out for weddings
    Blue: a sapphire bracelet her fiance's parents had given her for a Christmas gift
    She opted out of the "penny in her shoe" because of the coin in her pocket.

  7. Great idea! You must be soooo excited at this point - looking forward to seeing pictures of you in your dress on the big day! :)

  8. Oh your wedding is going to be so wonderful! How exciting! Only 3 DAYS! Congrats! Can't wait to see wedding photos! xoxo, Sunni

  9. i wore a new dress, an old (my great-grandmother's) fur stole because i got married on the coldest day EVER, i borrowed the stole, and i wore blue panties. oh yeah, baby!! no one knew....

  10. Anonymous8/03/2011

    I saw yesterday where another blogger put her and her hubby's initials in blue rhinestones on the bottom of her shoe. I thought it was cute. Trying to figure out something blue for my best friends wedding, but she makes it so hard, no bra to sew a ribbon on, no shoes for the ceremony (on the beach) Every idea I come up with ends up not working with what she's wearing.

  11. Anonymous8/03/2011

    The week before my wedding was pretty stressful as I could not find my passport and had to get one in 3 days, so I had not really though a lot about the something blue (for my little sister's wedding I stitched her and her husband's initials to her underwear with blue thread, it was cute). Unfortunately that would not work for me - Spanx were required for my dress, so the day of the wedding, I was waiting for my hair to dry and a light blue nail polish caught my eye, so I quickly painted my the nails on my little toes blue. I had closed-toe shoes, so nobody saw it, but my husband did ask about the color on the honeymoon.

  12. For my upcoming wedding I'm going to make my own birdcage veil out of a base of blue felt. I'm going to include a few (old, borrowed) good luck charms under the flowers, where no one can see them!

  13. Old and borrowed: my mom's veil
    New: dress, shoes, bra
    Blue: Underwear!!

  14. my old/borrowed was my mother's spoon ring
    my new was my dress/jewelry
    my blue were blue ribbons that I used to help hold my shoes on (i got some slingback for super cheap, but they wouldn't stay on my feet.)

  15. Awww, how exciting! My 5 year wedding anniversary is on Aug. 6th...it's a good date to get married! Congrats!

  16. old- vintage necklace, new- dress, borrowed- garter from a friend (but we didn't throw it or anything), blue- I embroidered the date and "happily ever after" on a piece of blue silk and stitched it on the inside of my petticoat...

  17. old- my great-grandmother's bracelet, new-my dress, borrowed- my mom's clutch from her wedding,
    blue- my mom made my dress, and the ribbons she sewed to the lining to hang it up with were pale blue. coincidentally- my mom's anniversary is this Saturday too!

  18. old: vintage clutch, new: dress, borrowed: supposed to be an old good luck coin all the women in my family have put in their shoe for generations, but i forgot it! i had to borrow a dime from my brother! blue: i embroidered a dress label with our intitials and the wedding date on blue silk and stitched it into my dress. have a great weekend!!

  19. Some awesome ideas! :) for my friends wedding each of us bridesmaids is going to giver her 1 item from borrowed, blue, old and new.
    I found a pretty blue broach the other day which I thought could work in her hair or pinned to a clutch bag that she could use to store her phone and lipstick. I hope she likes it!! Looking forward to seeing the photos from your wedding :)



  20. My old, blue, and borrowed was a necklace my mum lent me, made from moonstones my pa brought home from Libya in WWII. Have a happy happy day x

  21. Okay, in the future there will be a post on all these wedding traditions, because aside from the something new/old something borrowed/blue I'm not sure I realized there were any other???

    Hope you're wedding is fantastic

  22. Wow, of course all of you are super creative and sneaky with the "something"s as well!! It's fun to do wedding traditions, huh...

  23. Old: my grandfather's wedding band sewn into the train of my dress
    New: my dress which i finished about a week before the wedding
    borrowed: a necklace from my mother
    blue: i painted blue flowers on my toenails :)

  24. Old/borrowed: a brooch and a necklace from each of my grandmas that I pinned in my flowers
    New : my jewelry
    Blue: my engagement ring has 2 sapphires in it =]
    Hope everything goes splendid for your wedding. I have enjoyed reading about all your preparation.

  25. Anonymous8/04/2011

    My grans wedding ring was my 'Old', wedding dress was 'new', a very old coin given to my mum on her wedding day was my 'borrowed' and a blue ribbon hidden away was the blue item. Have a great day! you will love every minute I am sure!! Loved hearing about your prepations!

  26. That's genius, and cute, and I shall do it when I am married :-)

  27. I was helping to make the wedding punch when someone accidentally dropped a huge can of frozen concentrated lemonade on my foot. My toes and upper foot bruised and turned a nice shade of blue, so I decided that would be my something blue. I had forgotten all about that until reading this post, so thanks for the memories (I've been married for 39 years this year, so it brought us luck).

  28. Old: My engagement ring, husband's great grandmother's ring and his mother's diamond.
    New: Dress
    Borrowed: My mother's pearl necklace
    Blue: earrings which were actually turquoise, handmade with beads from a friend.

    I really think something handmade should be added to that list. Something old, new, borrowed, blue, and handmade.


  29. @meggyme, um, yeah, "something handmade" should DEFINITELY be added to that list! At least for DIYers like, us, huh?! It doesn't rhyme but I guess it symbolizes resourcefulness and dedication in your marriage ;)

    My veil is all put together by hand, that can be my "handmade"...

  30. My something "old" and "borrowed" was my veil -- my mom made my veil from her veil. She was married in 1971, so her veil was the train, longer than her prairie style dress.
    My something "blue" was also something old -- a turquoise ring that had belonged to my great grandma.
    My something new was a set of freshwater pearl jewelry my sister designed for me.

  31. I married an Army man :) since it was a small quick wedding my mother in law was prepared for the old/new/borrowed/blue. She gave/lent me an old hanky that was her grandmothers, it was new to me, borrowed from her and baby blue in color. She tucked it in my cleavage. Our 5 yr anniversary is this month. August is a great time to get married!



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