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Apartment Therapy heard me

You've seen me share inspiration on grey bedrooms--we're ready to re-do ours (again).

While Pinterest-ing recently, I linked to Apartment Therapy--they have a whole article on picking the best greys, and on grey bedrooms!
Both pics from Domino, like, a while ago

Grey bedrooms... article from February of 2008.  I'm a little behind on this trend, obvs.

Choosing the best greys, from January of 2010... so, I'm not as late reading that one...

And this February they posted that grey is still in.  Oh, good.  Cuz I'm just getting around to implementing my lovely grey bedroom idea.

And, if you needed any more convincing, Colour Me Happy has a great (2009) piece about using grey in your home/what you need to know... helpful stuff! 
And doesn't this living room look like something from an early James Bond movie?
Coulour Me Happy
We're planning on painting the bedroom grey.  Finally.  This week!  I swear, we are!


  1. I love this post so much!
    If you're looking for some more inspiration, I've got a bunch of these pinned already...
    My sister and I are planning on painting our mom's bedroom grey - once we talk her into it. She sees grey as this cold, unfeeling, steely and sterile color, but these pics and the ones I have pinned for her are proof that it can be a gorgeous backdrop for a sexy and feminine room!


  2. beautiful! i love grey with splashes of yellow and clean white trim. so chic

  3. Thanks for the link, @Maggie! Grey doesn't have to be cold and sterile at all!

    Mmm, grey and white and yellow...

  4. I've been thinking about redecorating my bedroom for quite some time and I'm liking the looks of these a lot!

  5. In love with grays and light blues together they just look so good. This combo is going to be my bedroom color next time

  6. I once painted the hallway in my house grey - the only time in my life I did a quick repaint. It quikly became like living in the bowels of a battleship, no matter how much colour I added to accessories. I say don't do it.

  7. Agreed!
    After going to a paint store and looking at the cooler color palate, she was very leery of doing grey at all. But then I told her about how my sister and I had been on the phone with each other for 3-4 hours looking online at greys before arriving on the earthy ones we have all picked out. Since her house is mostly earth tones, we've got to go earthy.
    The grey I picked for my new bedroom is mostly a medium, "regular" grey so it'll work with my midcentury teak bedroom set and jewel toned accessories, and is enough of a neutral so that the homeowners can use that room for whatever when I eventually move out.

  8. Every room in my house is a different shade of gray! I just love it so much it can be a neutral backdrop for bold colors.

  9. As a fellow Pacific-Northwester, we had a few gray rooms awhile back, and we found they just don't work well in this part of the coutnry. With all the rain, rain, rain even a very warm gray can be pretty depressing for most of the year. I found I couldn't stand it and we repainted. While I still love gray, we have now confined it to just one very small area in a hall rather than an entire room. Personally, I think the gray bedroom trend is one better left to other, sunnier climates.

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