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A mid-length summer skirt

I find myself not wearing skirts much these days, although with this gorgeous weather I may reach for them instead of shorts when I want to look a little nicer.

I had a vintage 1970's Daniel Hechter pattern (Butterick 4847) for a full-ish wrap skirt, and found this 15-year-old stripe home dec fabric in my mom's collection that seemed to work with it!

It reminded me of the Shifting Buttons skirt from Anthropologie last spring or summer:

Anyway, I had fun making it--I've never done a wrap skirt before!  I didn't read the instructions but it was pretty simple.  Made a buttonhole for the tie to go through on the right.
The pattern showed it tied in the center front, but I suppose I could tie it anywhere... what do you think?

It goes quite well with these super cute wedges I just ordered from JCPenney online (paid $21 after coupons, sweeet):


Hope you are getting weather anywhere near as nice as what we have here this weekend!!  It is gorgeous, warm, and sunny.  I pulled out the shorts for the first time!

This skirt would be fun to wear around a farmer's market or something.  I can't quite decide what tops to wear with it... any suggestions?  Preppy, boho, or...?


  1. What an adorable skirt! Could you post a link or a picture to the pattern? And I love those wedges!

  2. cute! for shirts, maybe something a little bit frilly? I just pinned this one from Ann Taylor last night : http://pinterest.com/pin/33646142/

  3. Yes, I ought to scan the pattern in... will do soon!

    What a pretty shirt...

  4. this is really cute on! im lovin the wedges too, so so so cute.

    Pins, Needles, & Kids

  5. Thanks!
    Now there's a pic of the pattern I used.

  6. Really cute skirt and I love the wedges with it-- so 70's!

  7. Oh, that's so cute! Nice job! I love a comfortable skirt or dress on a real hot summer day. Got an A-line dress pattern from the '60s somewhere? I used to love those dresses.

  8. I love the shoes! Are they comfy?

  9. Thanks for posting the pattern!

  10. That looks great on you. Especially with those sandals.

  11. That skirt is great! I am in full-swing skirt mode. It is 100 degrees here everyday now.

  12. I love wrap skirts and that is great fabric. I would wear something closefitting and sleeveless - pretty low key and basic to keep the focus on the skirt and wedges.



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