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Bridesmaid Dress #2: Shauna

Last week I shared Robin's bridesmaid dress and many of you liked it a lot!!  Here's Dress #2 of 5 for my wedding, for my good friend Shauna.

She picked the bodice, and the skirt is the same as the other dresses.  This one is pretty close to several other lovely bridesmaid dresses out there:


I used (you guessed it!) one of my top dress patterns, Butterick B4915, for the bodice and midriff panel, and did a simple pleated skirt just like on Robin's.
I made some modifications, however.  Shauna is 5'1", and has a shorter than average torso, so I shortened the pattern--both the crossover bodice pieces and the midriff panel piece.  See?
To shorten the pieces, you take a little tuck in the pattern piece--I did the above and below the arm hole.  I used her back waist measurement to take the right amount out.
I cut out the lining first, then used it as a pattern for the fashion fabric.

There it is!  A custom fit!

(If you made your bridesmaids' dresses, or did any other DIYs for your wedding, I'd love for you to share them in the Adventures in Dressmaking DIY Weddings Flickr group!!)


  1. How beautiful! You're doing an amazing job! She looks gorgeous in her dress :-)

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  2. Dress looks great.. .would I expect anything less? I can't wait to see all the girls in their dresses together. I must add that Shauna is a beauty; didn't even notice the braces at first.

  3. just lovely. lucky, lucky bridesmaids!

  4. your bridesmaid dresses are turning out so cute! and they look like they fit great :)

  5. Your bridesmaid's dresses are super cute! I love the idea of making them. I also love the color of the fabric. It looks so wearable, not only for your wedding, but for everyday. Adorable

  6. just lovely!! quick question: do you take out the same amount on the front and the back when you are shortening torsos like that? thanks!

  7. I am just loving these dresses! So lovely!

  8. Aaw, thanks, glad you think they are looking good!

    @Katie, yes, you must shorten the same amount and in the same places on both the front and back. Makes for a custom fit!

  9. Lady you are on fire! Kudos to you! And if I can make a small request! Would you be so kind to show a tutorial on making a similar skirt? I'm a visual learner and your last typed out instructions flew right past me, sorry! No rush!!!

  10. wow...your bridesmaid dresses are super pretty! great idea of making them! They look so adorable and wearable!!! lucky bridesmaids...

  11. Thanks!
    @Emy, yes, I am happy to do a tutorial for the simple pleated skirt. I can post it once I've posted all the bridesmaid dresses... 3 more to go!

  12. Fantastic. She looks beautiful on that dress.



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