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Very scared for Blogger right now...

Just wanted to update you all.  For those of you who have blogs with Blogger, you know it has been down for a couple of days and it's very confusing and scary!  I lost the posts and comments that have happened since Wednesday evening, and ALL of my saved posts (lots!) and work-in-progress posts.  Blogger is working on getting them back.  Here's the Blogger status update site and the Blogger Buzz official blog.

I am hesitant to post any new content until all this gets resolved!  And some of the posts I had planned are currently lost, hopefully to be back soon.  So please forgive this interruption in blog content!  They hope to have the lost content back by the end of the weekend (fingers crossed!).

If everything gets back to normal, I have a great giveaway to post on Monday, and I want to share some other things with you, too!  Let's hope this gets fixed soon!

In the meantime, Twitter has been full of comments by scared bloggers like me... ;)  But luckily we still have Twitter to update readers on the fun, sewing and home dec news, too!


  1. I am not going to do a new post until I know for sure that they have it all fixed...this has been very upsetting for so many, some had published posts that were very difficult and lost all of the very special comments that were dear to their hearts...Perhaps we have put our special things in a place that we felt would be safe but indeed is not so safe after all. It has made me think about taking charge of my things and maybe getting my own website...I so hope everything will return to you just the way you left it.

  2. all this is so frustrating. Our blog is where we record our thoughts,it's our own stuff but we discovered we don't control it!
    Internet ate in a moment hours of work like these past days neither existed!
    After what happened i know we'll back up our blog more often!
    How many users blogger will loose?

  3. Anonymous5/14/2011

    It's definitely frustrating when events like this occur. In a lot of ways it's a reminder to save everything locally, on the computer first, before posting. But, I've got to say, this is one of the many reasons I use wordpress instead of blogger. I've used them for various sites over the years and haven't had a problem like this. Good luck to everyone effected. I hope they are able to fully restore everything for you.

  4. I was lucky enough that I didn't loose any of my blog entries or comments. Everything in my edit folder remained the same. I think you have to adopt the principle that sh!t happens. It's a good idea to save entries on your hard drive so you can easily copy and paste them. We rely too heavily on the internet which is why I refuse to go paperless.

  5. i'm lucky that my missing stuff was restored pretty soon after blogger came back up - and because i've been hanging out in places without internet access lately, i've been writing my drafts in word instead of in blogger, like i usually do, so i didn't lose any of them. it is super scary, especially for all of the comments and love, but we do have to remember that this is the first time anything like this has happened. i was scared to post on friday after it came back up, but i did it anyway, and it's still there!

    i was thinking about switching to wordpress before this even happened, but honestly, the outage hasn't made me want to switch any more than i did before (see above re: one time thing). i'd rather spend my computer time writing and reading blogs than fighting with wordpress, which i've found to be a lot less userfriendly.

    i hope your stuff comes back soon too!

  6. All good points!
    ALL my draft posts are back (yaaaaaay!) and it looks like only my comments and posts from Wednesday when it went down until it came back up Friday are gone. Could be worse, I guess!

  7. So glad to hear your draft posts are back! I better check mine. I am still waiting for missing comments to return.

    I really love blogger and think wordpress is difficult. Hopefully this kind of thing doesn't happen again.

    Mrs. White
    The Legacy of Home

  8. Very frustrating, indeed. The same thing happend to my blog. A whole entry had been erased, along with comments. I, eventually, got my entry back, but sadly, no comments :(

  9. OMG! That's a bad news! Hope it'll get ok very soon...

  10. I am no longer using blogger.com.
    I moved last year and have all my blogs on their own domain names.
    That said, I make sure I do my own backups and download to my laptop on a regualr basis - just in case ...



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