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Love this simple, bright home in Lonny!

The May/June Lonny is out online... love it!!  Have you had a chance to look through it?

This house is one of my faves featured this month... love the bright white with cute colors and modern mixed with vintage shapes!
Recognize the Anthro shower curtain, the one I did a DIY tutorial for?

Just one of the many awesome homes featured in Lonny... it is such a great magazine now that Domino is no more, and it's all online, too!


  1. White background gives a pleasant surrounding. It's very relaxing.

  2. Yeah I wish I could do white more gracefully. When I do it it still feels so college apartment-ey.

    Another lesson from this home for me is the cute framed butterfly art... gotta get one of those!

  3. I like and dream of a simple but not so big home. I like rooms like that. Thanks for giving us some ideas for our home in Bagumbong.



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