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Time for another Adventures with Sweetie Pie Bakery, where guest blogger Jessi shows off her awesome sewing projects!!
This week...

Nightgowns. They're dresses for bedtime, yeah?

It's fun to mix things up so I made a little nightgown. Using an old sheet and a free pattern from Burda (obv.) I whipped this up in a couple of hours. I was lazy and didn't take care to match the plaid on the bodice, but eh, it won't get seen too much.

Honestly, I wear pajamas a lot. Like, sometimes I get out of bed and basically put on different pajamas and end up wearing them all day. In the summer it's easy to throw on a dress and be comfy on the floor with the kids, but in the colder months, sweats and fuzzy socks are just the way to go!
As for the pattern itself, it was easy and quick. Rather than create elastic channels on the back I just popped in my elastic bobbin and did some shirring on it. I really don't like the seam down the middle of each side of the top. I suppose it might be helpful if you actually had something to fill out the top...but I don't, so it just wasn't necessary. A flat triangle would have done me fine! But, like I said, being pajamas I wasn't into technicality so made the pattern according to my size and waited to see what the result was. I probably won't make this one again though, without modifications at least. I purchased the Jane pattern which would probably would have been a cuter nightie for me.

Anyhow, with Mother's Day coming up I thought it would be nice to share some pj's with you... since I know you're all going to get some awesome breakfast in bed and have to look super cute while not getting burnt toast crumbs, prepared by your children, on the sheets!

How about you guys? Do you sew pajamas for yourself or not bother?

...and I can't leave you on this fine Tuesday morning without a bit of Wilco!

Thanks, Jessi!


  1. I do! Homewear might actually be my favorite thing to sew (and I'd love to make lingerie, too) !

  2. How cute! That's a great idea, I'll have to try it out.

  3. Awesome! I'm the same way about pjs. Thanks for the Burda find.

  4. Anonymous4/13/2011

    I was just thinking about needing some more cute pajamas (as opposed to my usual sweatpants/shorts with a baggy t-shirt). This might be a fun one to try

  5. I don't, yet, but that's because I'm still in the theoretical stage of being a sewist. I have some stuff I've been meaning to sew, though, and I will probably get started next week.... then maybe make myself a little nuthin' to wear around the house.

  6. I've bookmarked this project because yours looked so cute, thanks! I sometimes wear a short nighty to bed, and this looks like it would be perfect for me. Maybe for Mother's Day I'll ask for time to sew this! I haven't ever sewn myself pjs but always used to when my kids were little - they were easy and didn't need to be perfect & got worn a lot!

  7. Hi ! I can't find that Burda pattern ! You did such an amazing job and it looks great on you. I think fuller figures need more support on top (thicker straps and ect) so I have to disagree with how you think it looks on your body type :) I love the pattern of the fabric and all of the little details ! Is it possible for you to make some kind of tutorial? Maybe even a generic one or something? Please consider it !

  8. @AnotherNight82, thanks for the idea! You can reach Jessi at her blog here: http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com/search/label/adventures%20with%20sweetie%20pie%20bakery



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