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I love how easy curtains are

Don't you just love when you do a quick and simple project, and everything goes as it should, and it's done before you know it??

That's what happened to me last night with these curtains... boy, after making dresses and skirts from patterns, with linings and zippers and all, tearing down the center of your 5.5 yard length of fabric and hemming all around is darn easy!!

I bought this cool print quilting fabric on a good sale at JoAnn's with a new shower curtain in mind.  I loved the print but wasn't sure about it being our shower curtain.  Then I found a near-perfect shower curtain at Marshall's, and this fabric was about to go back to JoAnn's when I realized it was the exact right colors for our upstairs office.

How cute!!  Sort of Marimekko colors and shapes...

My fiancé uses the office, primarily, and it was painted this bleh sort of sage green color that I would NOT have picked for our small and plain townhouse.  But it was already there, and Jason liked it.  But anyway, I had 5.5 yards of the 45" wide fabric, and all I did was even up the edges and tear down the center, so I had two 2.25-yard pieces.  I turned under the selvedge and sewed the long seams, then made a casing at the top and a hem at the bottom.

I bought a perfect black curtain rod on clearance at JoAnn for $9.  Here it is... it goes with our black Target futon (a steal on Craigslist!), black IKEA bookcases, and little green IKEA rug!
Funny how different the light is in the day or evening... it's hard to take pictures of curtains in front of a window with light coming through them, but when you just have the yellow overhead light, the colors don't look so good.  Just trust me, they look good with the natural light!

Anyway.  I love how an easy project makes such a difference.


  1. I don't really like curtains, I always manage to get them crooked, guess i'm just not really handy ;o)

  2. totally agree...i want to make new curtains for every room right now! in pretty patterns of course.

  3. very nice! they add some character to an otherwise plain room. it's too bad you didn't have any fabric left over, you could have made a pillow or two. some round bolster pillows would look nice at the edges of the futon. hey look, another excuse to go fabric shopping!

  4. I love that fabric--I actually made a quilt with it a year or so ago! I think it's so bright and fun. Love the curtains!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  5. Oh cool! Yeah they are fun.
    I may make coordinating pillows of a red or orange-ey fabric sometime in the future... The print would have been too lightweight for pillows, probably, especially for use by my fiancé!

    @Evie, I recommend tearing your fabric instead of cutting, if possible!!

  6. That is adorable!! I love it! I totally get that Marimekko feel from them! Crazy what curtains do for a room huh?

  7. Anonymous4/14/2011

    Those look great! Curtains make any room look different and give them a finishing touch.
    Do you have any tips on how to make such nice curtains?

  8. Aaw, thanks!
    @Craftmaker, I guess my main tips are staying on the grain, and that often starts with tearing. Then, measuring with a hem gauge when you press your hem and casing. Maybe I will do a tutorial sometime, although I imagine there are some out there... Deisgn*Sponge did some Sewing 101's a while back that included a curtain instruction post.

  9. Love how the colors come together. I'm working on curtains myself today. I went to the same sale at Joann's and found fabric for $3 a yard, which is great! Posting the results on my blog later in the weekend. :)




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