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Inspiration: rooms with black

The other day online in The Oregonian, the Portland paper, in the home dec section (which is usually kind of a laugh) they had a link to some great pictures of black accents in decor.  Lots of lovely pictures featuring black casework, doors, and cabinetry.  I have stopped wearing a lot of black in the past year and a half, favoring grey, greige, tan and other neutrals, but I'm really liking the fresh, modern look of this black in decor.  See:

All photos from Houzz.com.
The Hillside House modern bedroom
black french door  kitchen
Entry contemporary entry
KitchenLab traditional kitchen
Presidio heights apartment eclectic living room
Feldman Architecture modern home office
I love it!  Would you ever paint your banister or door frames black or use black accents in a white room?  It looks so fresh to me, and makes the colors pop!

Unfortunately/fortunately, I think we'll be moving again, and a lot of times in a bland new rental house you need small things you can do to make it look fun and unique.  Maybe some spots of black could do the trick!


  1. We had a tiny bathroom that we put slate tile in, painted everything wood black(doors included), and the wall a light gray. When we went to sell the house, everyone that came to look at it left a comment on how cool the bathroom was. Makes me want to do it again!:)

  2. love the top pic. aren't you a fan of wallpaper on the ceiling? i remember a few years ago architectural digest had a room with the wallpaper on the ceiling a mirror image of the custom carpeting-pink plaid. sounds too much but was so adorable for a little girls room!

  3. i love black accents and would paint my door and window frames black in a second if i wasn't renting. right now we have a lot of painted black furniture with white walls (bookcases, futon frame etc) i love it with a liberal use of red (or any other bright color!).

  4. I have black curtains, black leather couches, and a black coffee table. our walls are a brown but all the trim and everything is white, and some picture frames are black and some are white. Very drama drama!

  5. Our bedroom is purple and grey/silver, with black accents. I absolutely love black, although I think charcoal can be almost as good if you think black might be too harsh.

  6. My first apartment was in a college dorm, and the bedroom furniture was simple fake wood with black metal accents. I did all of my decor in black and white with accents of red - throw pillows, organizational boxes, a lamp, etc. I changed it up a year later to bright colors and lots of pink, but I never really loved it as much as my first design. I'd still like to have a room like that again someday, and I love the idea of trying out different "pop" colors like yellow or bright green.

  7. personally i just love the contrast. it looks so clean! <3

  8. greige. my favorite word today :)



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