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Unique new sponsor: Fabric Deals Club

Well, readers, I'm happy and excited to announce a new sponsor today: a revolutionary service called Fabric Deals Club that alerts you of sales and discounts you'll want to hear about when you're in the market for fabric!
Here's a little bit about Kate, the founder:

I started in the fabric business years ago with a mail order catalogue business, before the internet was ever available to most people.  I ran it from my home when my children were small.  Now that they are grown, and technology has changed so much of how we shop, I provide marketing for fabric retailers by including their promotions within my daily and weekly emails, and a service to fabric shoppers by bringing them the best deals on fabric every day. 

Fabric Deals Club offers three different lists that sewing enthusiasts can choose from.  The first list is what I consider the "Queen" of the three lists and it is published daily with discounts, coupon codes, sales, etc over 25%.  I personally email these deals directly to my subscribers. Fabric deals come from retailers both big and small. I work for the subscriber to find the best discounts, coupon codes, shipping deals, give-aways, freebies, sewing tutorials, and more goodies to deliver directly to their inboxes to save them time and most importantly, money! 
This list is currently available to subscribers for $3 per month.  
You can cancel at any time via paypal.com
You can sign up here to subscribe.

The second list is sent out to subscribers who want deals of at least 20% off. This list published once per week with deals, coupon codes, & sewing tutorials offered within the daily deals list. 
This list is currently available to subscribers for $2 per month.  
You can cancel at any time via paypal.com
You can sign up here to subscribe.

The third and last list is available to everyone and offers deals on fabric less than 20%.   This list is published once per week and includes one featured tutorial and deals of 20% off or less. 
This list is currently available to subscribers for $0 per month. 
You can sign up here to subscribe.

You can see a sample of an email for one of the lists to get a better idea. 

The blog i available to everyone and I try to keep it simple.  My goal is to keep it clutter free, clean, and easy on the eyes.  I'll be sharing some great tutorials by other certainly-more-talented-sewers-than-I found elsewhere on the web, to inspire my visitors.
If visitors have a sewing related blog, and maybe even some really wicked cool tutorials they'd like for me to feature, they can contact me!

Please note: The tutorials shared on the blog, will not be tutorials provided within the premium email lists.  Those are super-special!

Please feel free to add my blog to your sewing blogrolls, and I'll add you to mine :)  If you follow my blog, I will follow you back.  I love to network and share.

If you are a fabric retailer, and want your deals featured within the lists, or on the web site, please contact me.  My ad rates are very reasonable, and sometimes, if your deal is SUPER HOT, I share for free.  Yes, free.  

Kate Edwards

How awesome is that  If you'd like to join the club, email Fabric Deals Club!  And when you order great discounted fabric, tell us all about it!

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  1. Anonymous12/18/2010

    That sounds like a pretty cool business concept!



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