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DIY ruffled plaid shirt makeover

I love plaid, and there's lots of plaid around this season.  I've been seeing these cute plaid shirts with ruffles down the front... here and there.  Tina Fey wore one on 30 Rock, I've seen them in the JCPenney ads, and here's one from Banana Republic in a couple colors:
Cute, right?  A fun and feminine twist on the plaid shirt that eliminates the danger of looking like a lumberjack. So when I saw this long, tunic-length plaid shirt at Marshall's on clearance for $6, I though it looked like a good candidate for a DIY version!
It was a super awkward length... I don't know who can rock the plaid tunic look, but I can't.  I cut off the bottom part and cut it into bias ruffles.  I zigzagged the edges to finish them just in case, and gathered one long side.  I sewed two bias ruffles onto the front of the shirt.  Oh, and I also hemmed the bottom in a classic shirt hem shape.  And, the sleeves were HUGE so I took them in.
It was fun and easy, and now I have a cute shirt to show off!

Oh, and I won't wear it with leggings like I am in this picture.  I have been wearing leggings and riding boots a lot these days, with a long sweater.  Super comfy but more polished than jeans.

Anyway.  Are you enamored with plaid as much as I am these days?  What do you think of the variations they've been doing to the basic plaid shirt?


  1. I really, really love it. I used to wear a lot of flannel in high school - usually stolen from my dad's Goodwill pile - and I still have the shirts as "laundry day" attire. I had an especially awkward one that I recently added princess seaming to and gave it short sleeves to wear for the prep time before my sister's wedding. Worked great!

  2. went from masculine to feminine...super cute : )

  3. I am absolutely and continually amazed at your creativity. Keep it up, this is such great fun to see your wonderful ideas and to spur me on to others.

  4. You are so talented!!! I have been wanting a ruffle plaid shirt. I really enjoy your blog. Your creativity inspires me.

  5. I actually love the plaid tunic look because it keeps me from having to wear a long sweater with my leggings to work, a girl only has so many super warm long sweaters hahah. I love what you did to it and am now thinking of taking my hands to a few old bulky plaid shirts!!

  6. This is AWESOME! I love plaid-perhaps too much. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Anonymous12/18/2010

    Oh, that's super cute. Keep the makeovers coming. I love them. - heidi


  8. I picked up a pattern for a ruffled flannel shirt at JoAnns for 99 cents - http://www.simplicity.com/p-4466-misses-tops.aspx

    I cannot WAIT to make it!

    I love love what you did here, right up my alley, too.

  9. Oh I do love plaid and flannel in the winter.

    We must be on the same creative wavelength...I just bought a couple items at the thrift store for making over into cold weather favorites (one of which is a ruffled redo of a plaid skirt-already posted). :)

  10. Oops...I made a typo when I entered my info for the comment above. Here's the correct one:


  11. My boyfriend just gave me all his old plaid shirts - I cannot wait to try this out!

  12. These plaid shirts are adorable!!



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