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Happy holidays!

It's been a busy holiday for me so far... at my in-laws' place all day Christmas Eve, at our house Christmas morning and then at my parents' on Christmas, and a busy Boxing Day too!  (Did you know that December 26th is the busiest shopping day of the year, bigger than Black Friday and everything?)

Wanted to share a couple pics of our humble Christmas tree (I feel like I've been so busy, I hardly tried to make things festive and didn't do a single Christmasey craft project!!).  It did seem like we had a TON of presents, though.  I have four siblings-in-law, and got presents for both my fiancé's and my parents and my cousins I'm close to, so that plus six or so presents for Jason (I went a little crazy) led to there being soooo many gifts under our tree, I was overwhelmed!  As an only child from a home that doesn't do a ton of gifts on holidays, it's always a little shock to spend the holiday with my in-laws, although it is a lot of fun over there.

I do love Christmas.  Happy Holidays, everyone!  What have you been up to over the weekend?


  1. I think this was my craftiest Christmas (Craftmas?) ever! Not only did I make many of my gifts I gave, but I received lots of cloth, notions, a knitting kit, my first book on how to make patterns, and, finally!, a dress form. :D I've named her Betty.

    Happy to hear you had such a great holiday!

  2. I spent Christmas with my family (husband, daughter, son and mother-in-law). We had a calm very nice Christmas, with lot of gifts.



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