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Awesome dresser-to-entertainment center makeover

We moved into this house in September and haven't bought all the furniture I was hoping to find, so things were still a little frustrating in their temporary status--we had the TV sitting on a low bathroom cabinet with the doors open and it was driving me crazy!  So I just had to keep checking Goodwill Outlet, and one recent evening I found the perfect thing to put the TV on!

Ideally, I'd have found some cool Danish mid-century thing with the pointy legs and the perfect size for a TV and its accessories.  But I decided I'd settle on a vintage dresser, since most low ones are about the right width and height.  There are quite a few worn out retro dressers in the Goodwills here, but I found this one almost perfect: (here's the Before!)
So, missing some knobs, a little dinged up... That's okay, I had a great solution!

I took out the top two drawers and drilled openings in the back pasteboard stuff.  We can put the video game systems (what we use to play DVDs and stuff too) on the top shelf, and let their cords go straight back.  The wood frames around the drawer openings were unfinished wood, so I stained them using some close-to-matching wood stain, which I also used to touch up some scratches.

The After:
Pretty cool, huh?

It's sooo nice to have a good place to put all the DVDs (the bottom drawers) and the cords, remotes etc. (the  now-top drawers).  I used to hate that mid-century wood finish color, but now I kind of like it in a funky context.  Great furniture makeovers are so fun!


  1. Anonymous12/23/2010

    That is so clever! And you get to keep everything organised, which is always great!

    Merry Christmas!

    My current hobby!

  2. That is a great idea!

  3. Cute! I like how the older dresser tones down the Mod-Tech look from all the entertainment devices (a struggle of my own :) )

  4. Maybe you could put some legs on the bottom. I've seen a few examples on design sponge where things are "modernized" by putting on hairpin legs or straight legs. Not too hard to do, I bet.



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