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Another drastic sweater size reduction

I've shown you before how to take in the side seams of a lightweight sweater and a chunkier sweater.  Here's my method in action again!

On this one I did try it on inside out and nip it in with pins. I took in the whole side seam, all the way from near the edge of the cuffs up the arms, turning at the shoulder seam and back down the bust/waist/hips.

I got this cute sweater (not even old, from Holiday '09) from Banana Republic at Goodwill Outlet, since I love grey and I love long sweaters.  It was two sizes two big, however.  I wore it once as a cozy sweatshirt-type look, but didn't feel that cute.  So I took it in!  The before:
And the after!
Muuuuch better!


  1. Brilliant! Love that shirt dress too! Gonna have to hit the local charity shops Monday...

  2. That's fantastic! Looks wonderful!

  3. This is great! I want to find some big sweaters, so I can take them in! You can take a really big one and transform it into a sweater dress by taking it in (it has to be big enough that it is also long enough!) ! :o)


  4. Anonymous12/11/2010

    It never fails to surprise me how much of a difference even a small resizing makes.

  5. You are such a lucky duck to find such a cute sweater at your Goodwill! I love how it looks after your alteration!

  6. Anonymous12/11/2010

    What a great find! Very nice job on the alterations too.

  7. got your text, yes we'll do fun stuff! btw, you're a genius.

  8. That's adorable! You take really good photos too.

  9. Anonymous12/12/2010

    This looks INCREDIBLE! I am definitely going to give this a shot. Thanks for the idea!

  10. you know what?...this may solve some problems for me...i can buy the larger sizes for the length and take them in for being skinny!...



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