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Step-by-step for the leaf sweater makeover

So glad you all liked my cardigan makeover yesterday!  It is so fun to do over an old sweater and turn it into something I can actually wear.

Thought I'd show you the steps I went through to re-do it.  Before:
It was too big, so I took a big chunk out of the back:
I also took in the sides at the side seams.  For tips on how to do this, check out my how-to-take-in-a-sweater tutorial.

I used the center back piece to cut into leaf shapes!
I sewed them on and stitched down the centers of the leaves like veins, as well as added some X's at the tops to keep them in place.  I mixed it up using leaves from both the center of the sweater and the ribbing!
Read more here!


  1. What a beautiful result!

  2. It turned out absolutely adorable! I'll be back to check out your other projects.

  3. btw, congrats on being in Carly's Chic Steal's links of the week.

  4. Love it, and I love your new bangs too!

  5. Great Suzannah! you continue to be an inspiration. Thank you and have a very Happy Holiday.



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