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Snow day!

It's the first snow day of the year here in Portland and it's got everyone all upset.  Schools are opening late or not at all, people are canceling plans... we don't see snow much so we don't know how to deal with it.  It's unusual for us to get snow before Thanksgiving, certainly, and some years we don't get any.  Some years, we have two solid weeks of cabin fever and cancellations before it melts, but I'm hoping that doesn't happen this year.

I did get some pictures of the house in the snow before it melts more with the sun today... nice to document the first snow in our new house!

It's melted a little since last night, but here's the 1/2" or so of snow Oregonians are freaking out about:
Luckily I put a wreath up yesterday, it adds to the wintery look!
It does get icy, unfortunately... the high today is supposed to be something like 30, so when people drive the snow gets packed down and it's scary to walk on.
Have you had snow yet??  Wonder what this winter will bring...

I'm definitely planning on some cozy winter projects, like a sweater-to-scarf makeover and some microwavable rice bags like last year's tutorial!


  1. Katie M11/23/2010

    That's pretty funny, but I have lived in North Dakota my entire life, so snow is something we deal with. Just yesterday we got a foot and have more coming tomorrow and Thursday. The temp this morning when I woke up at 6 was -4. Brrr.

    The worst winter I've experienced as far as snow goes was when we got over 100". One day I hope to live somewhere that *maybe* gets snow in the winter.

  2. lol, you should see Seattle! It's crazy!

  3. Haha, that is kinda funny. I, like Katie, have dealt with snow my whole life...I live in Minnesota where snow is a regular thing 9 months out of the year, lol. I also agree that I hope to live somewhere that maybe gets snow once and a while!

    Good luck with your snow day! :) Enjoy it! When you only have a little it can actually be quite pretty...

  4. Anonymous11/23/2010

    We're having some interesting icing conditions just a little further north right now as well. I live in Interior Alaska and we're getting rain right now! We finally got about 8 inches of snow built up and then it decided to rain...in November...

    Check out our newest hockey rink : http://newsminer.com/view/full_story/10420107/article-Icy-conditions-persist-in-Interior-Alaska--storm-warning-extended?instance=home_news_window_left_top_2

  5. That's like what we get in Houston, Texas closer to January and February (our coldest months). Everyone freaks out and stops everyday living. It's definitely a big deal and glad you got to document it! Stay warm!

  6. I've ALWAYS lived in snowy places (S. Illinois, NYC, Connecticut) but I've now lived for 2 years in Minnesota (Twin Cities area) and it takes the cake - the coldest day last winter was 22 below zero! And the snow....I didn't see the ground for 5 months. It takes some adjustment but has made me a master of layering.

    I have ex-relatives in Portland, and I always feel a little sorry for them whenever there is a real heat wave or any snow.

  7. In northern Wisconsin we also got a similiar 1/2" of snow, but no freaking out...were soooooo used to it. The temps were in the high teens, that was a bit low.
    Those rice bags are one of my favorite gifts, as well as a fantastic beginner project for my sewing classes.
    Stay warm and toasty.

  8. That is one thing I miss about Portland. I currently live in Nebraska and we get a lot of snow here. When I lived in Portland we got 1/2 an inch of snow and the mayor got on the news and told everyone to stay home. My boss called and told me to stay home and stay safe. Oh winter in Portland......Have fun and stay safe ;D

  9. Anonymous11/23/2010

    I live in Vancouver, Canada and we got snow over the weekend. It's an abnormality that it's still here now! I too think it's funny how schools shut etc... for the 4" or so of snow we got!

  10. I'm up near Seattle and we have lots of snow. Also had a big windstorm blow through and power outages are wreaking havoc! Hope it doesn't blow your direction :)

  11. Today in Utah we're supposed to be crushed by a blizzard tonight. They say it's the nastiest we'll see in years. So far is just some dusting but who knows?

  12. I live in Santa Monica, CA. I don't know if there has ever been snow here. We are such weather wimps the the low the other day of 41 degrees felt seriously cold. I moved here from Chicago 3 years ago, and I don't miss "weather". Not one bit. Sunny days year round are great for me! My kids would love to see some snow, though.

  13. Anonymous11/23/2010

    schools are closed over that???? HA! this is what we have been dealing with and in the 6 years i've lived here it's first time schools have been closed. They don't close for fog, snow, or ridiculous minus temps.


  14. I live in sunny CA so no snow for us. Ever.
    My hubby is from NY so sometimes he misses the seasons but the few times I have had to be in the snow...well I'm not a fan. It's pretty and I love looking in at it but living in it is another matter altogether.
    I went to college in Southern CA and one of my roomates was from VA. She teased me all the time about how we don't have "real" weather in CA. She was right!
    Although snow days sound lovely.

  15. I live in Trento, in the northern Italy here there isn't snow here in valley, but the mountains around us are so white and I love them!!!

  16. Here in Finland snows a lot but not stops working and the kids still going to the school. They are used to the snow. I´m saying THEY because I´m from Brazil and I´m not used to it at all... but I think it´s amazing how everything works so perfect here that the snow does not bother at all... But, O God! It´s really cold! I'm freezing! :-)))

  17. I live in the UK and this week parts of the country are experiencing their first snows (I live on the South Coast so unlikely to get to me) but the whole country usually grinds to a halt with the same amount of snow you got! We only really get a handful of snow days each year so we're not geared up for it. Last winter was the coldest for years but sub-zero temps for weeks and we had unprecedented levels of snow, the first day or so everyone panicked and cleared the supermarkets of food etc but then we just got on with it!! Now this winter I think we'll cope much better and not panic..... we'll see! Keep calm and carry on!

  18. Do you want to see how much snow we have here now? I just took a picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cpessoa/5203400005/

    As I said, nothing stops working: the public transportation, the schools... everything is normal.

  19. I live in south AL, and snow completely shuts our city down. Last time it snowed, it was hilarious. Almost on cue, as the snow started falling ambulance sirens started to sound.

  20. Anonymous11/24/2010

    My sister lives in Seattle (transplanted from CO) and every time it snows someone from back in CO has to comment to her that Seattle people are all scared and wimpy when it comes to half an inch of the white stuff. "Oh, we got half a foot last night", they'll say, "And it didn't slow me down at all!"

    They never seem to recall that that half a foot was plowed, de-iced and sanded before they even woke up. From what I've heard, cities like Seattle and Portland don't have the same kind of infrastructure for snow as areas which see it more. If you don't have enough plows or trucks to spread de-icer and sand everywhere and quickly, two inches can be just as dangerous to drive as a foot (never mind I'll bet Portland snow is very wet, and thus very icy).

    So hey! Stay safe with your half an inch, and I'll raise my glass to you when we get half a foot!

  21. Rebecca11/24/2010

    On the Eastern side of Oregon, we received about 6 inches. When we lived in NC, an inch would shut everything down, even the Marine Corps base!

  22. i live in Milan, Italy. Today it was sunny and not so cold, probably tomorrow will be colder, wheather tv said it will be snowy on Alps till the towns near Milan.



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