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Stenciled pillowcases

I could have sworn I did a post on these, but... apparently not!

A while ago I saw some fun stenciled pillowcases somewhere and decided to replicate them myself!  I used a chandelier stencil from my awesome stencil book, Stencil Me In.

There are all kinds of great stencils in there, but I chose the chandeliers and stenciled these white IKEA pillowcases.  It was super easy and fast!

I used cheap acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium.

Fast and easy!  I might do some more with a different pattern next time I have plain white pillowcases...


  1. cute! i first read that as "scented pillowcases".

  2. Love it! What a great idea to change your look quick, easy and cheap. My kind of project :)

  3. Love these, very chic!

  4. I LOVE the chandelier stencil...great job. You can also make a stenciled pillow case skirt! :) What type of paint would you use for clothing?

  5. Thanks! @Sarah, you can use the same mix of paint and fabric medium (makes it more liquid) on just about any fabric, so on clothes, too!



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