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Chilly weekend. Catching up on fashion magazines!

This week the highs here have been in the 40’s.  I shiver all day except when I’m in my cozy warm car or running around in a hurry.  Last night I hung out with a friend and we did some errands, and all I wanted to buy was warm sweaters and long-sleeved tees!  Then we came back to her place early and did nails, read magazines and drank lots of herbal tea.

I did that thing again where I get all backed up on magazines, so now I have a bunch of fall and winter ones and hardly know where to start!  I’m excited for winter fashions but I want to get through the fall issues first.  I love reading magazines for style inspiration!
I sorted them by type and was still overwhelmed...
So, two questions for you this Saturday morning... what are your fave magazines for style and sewing inspiration?  And, what clothing do you crave when the weather’s cold?


  1. Anonymous11/20/2010

    When the weather is cold, I go for layers. As for magazines, alas, I read none. I get my style and sewing inspiration largely from blogs!

  2. I go for layers as well. I don't devide my clothes into a summer and winter wardrobe. I'd miss them to much to limit myself to that so it's all about the combinations and the number of items I can squeeze myself into.

  3. I always crave The Perfect Hoodie, which I have yet to find.

  4. In Northern Wisconsin you must have seperate seasonal wardrobes. Layers, and lots of them are the key. My favorite items though are a pair of flannel lined bib overalls I made several years ago and a bias knit silk scarf thats super soft and extra long.
    As for fashion inspiration...I use catalogs, and on-line sources. Magazines are to much pressure for me, I just like to get them at the newstand when I have the time or see something that really grabs my attention and causes me to make the time.

  5. I live in the UK, so I love these magazines: Grazia, Elle UK, InStyle UK, and Look. They are all great - each week I tear out the photos & details that inspire me, I then scan the pics to my laptop (filed by key words so I can find them later) and I recycle the paper :) Even though I'm a beginner sewist I have lots of dream outfits now filed for the future to draw upon!

  6. I live in Texas so we what we like to believe are two seasons: hot and cold. Not as cold as northern states but cold for us southerners to break out the big jackets that are collecting dust the other 10 months out of the year! As for magazines, I don't really read any but I do like to scan some favorite sites to get ideas: gap, anthropologie, urban outfitters and old navy.

  7. Anonymous11/27/2010

    Your highs have been in the 40's?! Here in Minnesota, they have been in the teens. It's 19 degrees right now. I love layers and wearing pretty scarves to brighten things up and add interest. My favorite fashion magazine is Elle!

  8. Heather12/15/2010

    I'm commenting on an old post so I hope you find this! My favorite magazines for sewing inspiration are Japanese Fashion magazines. I like them sooo much better than the American ones. I guess it is because they focus on clothing for real life, not just dreamy editorials. (I like editorials, too, but I also want to see clothes in action.) I find the magazines on Live Journal (http://community.livejournal.com/jmagazinescans) The ones I love the most, that fit my style as a 30-something (They call them office-lady style!) are Oggi, Classy, InRed, Anecan, Baila, Domani, Glamorous, Grazia and Spring, but I also love Spur, So-En and Figaro for inspiration. They have lots of craft and deco books that are fun, too. Other fashion magazines have styles that are cutesy, sweet, street, office lady, etc.

  9. Heather12/15/2010

    Oh! Forgot Spoon for cute Mori girl inspiration. (Mori girl = Japanese Scandinavian, sort of.)

  10. Heather12/15/2010

    Wow, I hope I'm not being annoying! Here is a guide to many of the Japanese fashion mags available: http://www.japanesestreets.com/fashion-mags/



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