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Inspiration: The TV shows are back!

Yes, THE TV shows.  Haha.  I mean, this week marks the beginning of
I enjoy checking on David Bianculli's blog--he's the reviewer for NPR's Fresh Air and other places, TV Worth Watching.  He features down-to-earth reviews of TV series and shows as well as a breakdown by day of what's on.  I don't have TV or cable or anything, just a couple of computers and a flatscreen we hook them up to, and I don't read TV Guide or anything, so it's nice to have a simple list of good shows.  Because, at least for yesterday and today, Bianculli's listed all the shows that I was thinking about or have watched before, plus a few I don't watch.
Why am I telling you this?  Well, in the past I've talked about getting cute clothing and DIY inspiration from shows like How I Met Your Mother, which came back for a new season last night.  Other shows that are back from their summer hiatus to inspire us?  Let's look at David Bianculli's summary...
How I Met Your Mother
Weeds (I haven't watched this in ages, but there may be cute clothes on all the moms)
Glee (Rachel's and Emma's preppy looks are so cute!)
Desperate Housewives (never seen it--has anyone else? Are there cute clothes?)
Gossip Girl
Mad Men

This list does not at all represent my favorite shows, but just a few of the big ones with clothing inspiration.  What am I leaving out?
Any recommendations out there for shows with well-dressed heroines that shop at Anthropologie? ;)


  1. Ah yes, fall inspiration is here! I'll be checking back for those Anthro wearing tv show recommendations :)

  2. I recorded Castle last night, but haven't watched it yet. Looking forward to Glee tonight. I enjoy True Blood, and Weeds, and others include: House ( although I haven't kept up), Cougar Town, I used to really enjoy Grey's Anatomy but lost interest last year. I am catching up on the Mad Men craze via Netflix. I usually record some of the Pilots, and then decide if I am gonna watch any of them as a series. I don't know if any are specific to the ANthro love, but they are almost all stylish ( except True Blood sticks with the Walmart and then extreme)

  3. How I met your mother is one of my favorites, both for the clothing inspiration and the content :)

  4. Your're just like me in that I watch shows and movies for makeup inspiration :)

  5. I review movies and tv on my blog "Confessions Of A Video Junkie." I used to write reviews for the newspaper in our town in Missouri before we moved to Utah.
    I don't always review brand new films, usually they are out on Netflix before I review them.
    "The Devil Wears Prada" is worth seeing again to anyone in fashion.



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