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DIY newsboy cap! For engagement photos

You all know I've been thinking about engagement photos, finding them at my fave wedding blogs.  I'm happy I have a photographer friend to do ours, because I know she'll let me change clothes a few times and play around with the concept/design of the shoot, but one of the themes I like is the vintage-ey tie and suspender look that goes well with a cute dress on the woman!  Part of the vintage prep school look is the newsboy cap.  Check out some of these gorgeous photos...
From Ruffled:
And this one by Mastin Studio of Seattle, one of my faves from my first post, now featured on Green Wedding Shoes:
And another from Green Wedding Shoes:
Super cute, right?  Nice to add some style to the guy as well as the cute, fashionable girl.  So I started looking around online for newsboy caps, see if there were any good deals.  Amazon has some, and so do lots of places, but the problem for me is that my fiancé has a huge head.  Almost 24" around, so a size 8 hat... XL doesn't usually fit him.  So ordering online is risky, and although I did discover places like "The Really Big Hat Store" or something, those tend to be more expensive, and I mostly just want it for the pictures!
Also in my Google search I found "how to make a newsboy cap" searches, which led to several tutorials!  Apparently driver's caps are super easy to make, and to explain in a tutorial!

  • Here's the one that I used, on clevergirl.org.
  • Here's another pattern here for a similar idea--I tried this one first and came out with a tiny, pyramid-shaped tea cozy-looking thing (I must have been doing something wrong).
  • Here's a different pattern completely, but also an easy way to make a cap.

I made all the pieces a little bigger than specified, for my fiancé's big head, and since all the triangles are on the bias, I was easily able to fit them into my 24" inside band (I didn't line the hat, just used a wide twill tape inside hat band).
The best part? I used some of a piece of vintage wool, gorgeous stuff, nice quality, that my mom got at Goodwill for $1.99!  It didn't take much fabric and feels really soft and nice.  It's a black and olive tweedy, herringbone-ey thing.
Anyway, here's how it turned out!


  1. Well done, its lovely..I hope the groom will not mind such a comment, if so, you can change it to" how studly" It makes me wonder if my husband would be willing to sport such a fine hat? Thank you for the pattern links and idea.

  2. Hey! Love the hat and the pictures! However, does your fiancé smile? =P You just made him a hat and he is frowning! Super cute hat through ^_^

  3. I was totally not expecting to read that you were going to make one - I'm super impressed! You're clearly an experienced seamstress, but I would never even think of making one!

  4. These pics look fab! All the colours and the dress make the scene look so happy and cheerful! Love them!



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