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Another civil war re-enactment

I've mentioned my nerdy hobby before: civil war re-enacting.
This Labor Day weekend, we're off to another Northwest Civil War Council civil war event, this time at a lovely state park on the northernmost point of the Oregon coast.
This is the biggest event of the season, with lots of re-enactors and visitors every year, at this great location on the coast--it's usually not too hot there, despite the usually high temperatures in the rest of Oregon at this time and throughout the summer.  If we get bored of the reenactment, we can wander over to one of the beaches and play in the sand and waves!  I love the Oregon coast.
I'm going to deliver the fashion shows at 2:00 on all three days of the event (Saturday, Sunday, and the holiday) and talk about 1860's-era fashions, as well as to deliver some goods to customers for my mom's business, Lavender's Green Historic Clothing.  She can't make it this year but I will be there as a proxy!  Check out her website to see pictures of pretty historic clothing from lots of eras, 1770's-1940's.
Here are some pics from the Labor Day weekend re-enactment last year:
The background of the battlefield is the beautiful Pacific Ocean:
My family doesn't march; we just hang out and cook, sew, and rest.
The beach setting makes it really a lovely, relaxing setting for an event.  This year, my cousin and her 19-month-old and I will have fun mini-vacationing on the beach during our spare time!


  1. whats that pretty quilt I see peeking out of a tent?

  2. Your mom has a great business. I loved looking at the website and dresses from all the different eras. So fun!

    PS> you make a terrific model!



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