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Style inspiration: How I Met Your Mother

Have you seen How I Met Your Mother?  It's a pretty funny show, nothing too spectacularly original but amusing.  Friends humor, but contemporary.  BUT, the costumers on the show must have soooo much fun dressing the women and decorating!  In the past I've saved several stills from the show for inspiration.
So's you know what I'm talking about, here's a pic of some of the cast that I saved because of the CUTE yellow/grey Target pillows, the fun atomic paper lamp, and (look in the back) the woven paisley roman blinds!  There's also an IKEA table, purple chair, just great atmosphere in this house.
But anyway, in this week's episode (which you can still watch online on CBS) the always-well-dressed character Lily wears a super cute patchwork top that I am DETERMINED to copy this month, since April is Stash-Bust Month!
I couldn't find any actual stills of the scene where she wears it, so I watched the show on my computer, paused it, and did some screen shots, then cropped them (so unfortunately I caught her in funny faces).
I love the idea of a multi-print top that doesn't look too hippie or '90's.  I will definitely be trying this!
Also, later in the same episode, Lily sports the darling Bustling Avenues Dress from Anthropologie!  (Which I copied here).
See my version here.
I also copied Lily's red plaid tunic:
Looks so winter-ey now.  Here's the post.
I've seen little things online from star news websites about Lily's outfits and how to get the look, and usually her dresses are $650 cotton things from some designer.  But she's been seen in Anthro before... here's a screen shot of her in the Fey Grove Dress from last Summer/Fall:
Can't find a still, but Lily wore the Bold Boutonniere Dress in Season 5 Episode 18, on one of her birthdays...
And she wore the Collected Corolla Tee this season once...
And Robin, the other lead female character, wore the Two Paths Coat earlier this season!

I also remember seeing Robin, in a very cute Anthro sweater earlier this season, but I don't remember which episode (or sweater!).
The point is, I love to watch this show and get inspired for cute clothes.  Sometimes you just need that kind of show/movie, you know?  I Love You, Man is another great entertainment source for that, but the great thing about How I Met Your Mother is it's current!  It's in its like, 5th season, so some of the early episodes are a little dated, but it's great to watch recent ones for ideas and inspiration!
I've heard Gossip Girl is great for clothes and fashion, too, but I haven't gotten into it yet...
Do any of you have suggested for clothing inspiration entertainment?
Do you watch How I Met Your Mother?


  1. I love HIMYM! It's one of my favorite shows. And I agree the girls are always dressed cute.

  2. I love this show! A few weeks ago, Lily was in ANOTHER Anthro dress (one that I copied!). It was in the birthday episode, last scene. It was a two part dress with a big fabric flower on the blouse, a black band, and striped skirt. So cute!

  3. I've been watching this show for years. The one item I'd like to copy is Robin's cream colored coated with the rosette-like buttons. I think it was from last season.

  4. I love this show! I really liked the black dress Robin had on interviewing Marshall this week (the fourth photo hear) but I have no idea how to make a neckline like that. Any suggestions?

  5. Anonymous4/16/2010

    My favourite clothes star right now is Billie from Accidentally on Purpose. She layers a ton, and even though she's pregnant, I still want to copy her look! I was inspired by that show to get more sweaters/blazers/wraps. She tends to wear 'quiet' clothes on the bottom, with great tops, lots of jewellry and always, always, always, some jacket or sweater on top.

    I don't have a 36" inseam like her or a ballerina's body, but I sure can be inspired by her style!

  6. My husband and I got hooked on it in February and in less than a month watched every episode from every season. LOVE IT! And I too love Lily and Marshall's apartment...if only I could be that bold with color choices!

  7. I love this show! I'm so excited to find out that Lily and Robin wear Anthro! I never made that connection, somehow haha

  8. Anonymous4/29/2012

    I don't watch much of Glee, but one of the teachers is darling and her clothes are great! I *think* her name is Emma Pisllbury on the show. Yup, just googled it. Oh! And Madmen! You've gotta check it out! :)

  9. in episode 66 which is in season 4 episode 2 in that season lily wore a dress i liked anyone know who made it



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