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Awesome new (eco-friendly) sponsor!!

It's especially fitting that my awesome new sponsor, Dixie DIY, be joining us in April.  Dixie combines "...otherwise unwanted vintage glass with yummy scents and and clean burning soy wax to make one of a kind candles to decorate your home..."--that's right, reused containers--vintage, stylish, and eco-friendly, and SOY wax, which is clean-burning and non-polluting!  Soy candles are non-toxic and do not produce black petrol-carbon soot, long-burning, a renewable resource (unlike paraffin, which is made from petroleum), biodegradable and easy to remove from things, and help American farmers!
And did I mention Dixie's candles are gorgeous, vintage, and so stylish, they will look great in your home!  And they come in yummy scents.  Take a look at some of her creations!
So cute!  Be sure to check out Dixie's lovely Etsy shop (and blog) when you're looking for pretty, atmospheric home decor!

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  1. Congrats on the new sponsor! And Eco friendly? Perfect timing for earth day!



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