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Antique store goodies

Happy March!
Yesterday I went to one of the antique stores in Downtown Hillsboro--it's not a thriving place, but the antique stores there seem to do really well and have been around for at least the 20 years my family has lived there.  Hillsboro used to be a small town but has turned into a suburb of Portland, but the downtown area is still cute and walkable, and it's nice to support local businesses.
I saw these milk glass sconces last time I was at the Hill Theater Antique Mall, but didn't think I needed them so I didn't buy them.  I went back hoping that by some miracle, they'd be there, and yay! they were, and the booth they were in was 35% off everything!
I am pretty spoiled by shopping at the Goodwill and Goodwill Outlet, where I buy glassware for 0.29 cents a pound, but you never find a pair like these.
One sign of a not-yet-discovered antiquing mecca, I guess, is the reasonable prices.  There were cute things in there for all kinds of steals!  Some of it was cheaper than the Goodwill markups!  These were like $15.95, then 35% off.
Here they are with their receipt.  I love how low-tech it is... I can't even read the guy's handwriting.
They don't hardwire, so I can just mount them on the wall.  I'm thinking on either side of the bed, although I kind of already have lamps there (not matching ones like I'd like, though, so maybe I should do sconces instead?).  Where else can you put matching sconces??  On either side of... a mirror/matel?  Uh...?  Any ideas would be welcome!
Have you had any recent success at antique stores?


  1. I love the history in them, and I have to live vicariously - my two infants don't allow antiquing, but this time is short...

  2. Anonymous3/01/2010

    I like to convert sconces to coat/umbrella/bag hangers, and have a row of them on my wall.

  3. There is THE BEST sushi restaurant downtown Hillsboro. It's in the basement of I think it used to be a public library? We used to love going there before moving cross-country. Love the sconces. I like the idea of having them on either side of the bed too - so you can keep them off the nightstands and reduce clutter.

  4. Syun. It is one of the greatest Japanese restaurants in the Portland area! It's a block and a half from the house I grew up in, where my parents still live.

  5. I like the idea of you putting them by your nightstands/bed area. You could also make a display of them like behind a couch or mantle... hang one sconce then two 8x11"frames vertically, and then the 2nd sconce on the end ( so the frames are sandwiched between). They'd look real cute with simple white shades, oh, or black/white gingham. Great find! Be sure to post what you did with them! : )



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