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Super easy headband project

I love headbands.  I wear one pretty much every day.  I know the thinner ones are in right now, but I had a couple ugly wide ones that I never wore and got for super cheap, and I wanted to make them at least a little cuter.
This isn't really a tutorial, since there are so few steps, but it's a fun and easy project!
Here are the headbands I started out with.  One is an ancient VERY polyester satin scarf tie headband, the other an impulse buy from the Target $1 area a few springs ago.
Here's what I did:
Tear the headband apart, pick and and rip the fabric off.  I used scissors to start the hole and then just PULLED!  They both had what seemed like hot glue on them keeping the fabric on.  In this pic you can kind of see the hot glue still left on.
I used scrap pieces from other projects for the fabric.  They're the perfect size.
I used a strip about 1 1/2" wider than the widest part of the headband.  Using spray adhesive (spray the headband itself), I position and center the fabric on the plastic.
 I used hot glue to tuck the edges up into the underside of the headband.  I did this up and down all the way, and then just hot-glued the bottom ends up.

The hot glue shows on the inside, so I could have glued some braid or something on top of it, but I don't care.  Ha ha!  Nothing shows on the outside, and they're just for me, so I took the easy way out.


  1. What a great idea, I hate spending tons of money on hair accessories but I have tons of fabric scraps so I'm going to add this to my craft to-do list!


  2. Very cute idea! I love it!


  3. These are really cute and I can do this to update some of my daughters headbands. Thank you!

  4. How adorable and easy too!

    xoxo Laura

  5. this is so so super great! i love it and i adore your fabrics you use!

  6. So cute! Going to stop by claire's on the week home and get some cheap headbands to do this with!

  7. What a good idea - I have loads of headbands that need refreshing...now to raid my fabric stash for some remnants :D



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