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A preppy, happy, springy dress!!

It has been off and on sunny this week, but I was too afraid of it passing to start any nice-weather projects.  But yesterday, I made this dress, which I think works for early spring (if I'm staying indoors) as well as spring and summer!
I was fantasizing about a 50's-inspired shirtdress, but cute and well-fitted.  Here are some of my inspirations...
I like the look of these but couldn't find a cute (and young) enough pattern--at least not in my collection.  So I used this pattern, which has waist definition but a cute detail of a high waist and large pleats.
I used the same fabric for both the top and bottom pieces, but did totally different sleeves than any of the ones provided.  I used the long, straight-ish sleeves and gave them cuffs.  I cut them too long for cap sleeves, then hemmed them with a big hem and rolled them back (kept in place with hand-stitching).
I added simple white cotton lace, the cheap an ubiquitous stuff, on the bottom.
I also played around with where to put the tie/bow of the sash... where do you think it should go?
Side tie, side bow, or back?
Just to be funky, I used four mismatch vintage buttons for the closure, and white ric rac at the neck/collar seam!
I have been way into blue/white stripes (which this fabric is, up close), and hoped to channel both JCrew and Anthro with this cutie.
I was afraid, after I cut it out and started sewing, of course, that the blue would make it look like a nurse's uniform!!  But I hope the ric rac and funky buttons make it less uniform-ey...
Unfortunately, it is rainy today, so I will be wearing jeans and long sleeves!


  1. Love the dress! Very well done!

  2. super cute. I'm personally a fan of bows tied in the back :)


  4. wow you seriously are so so talented! i love all your stuff i wish i could do that!

  5. Love the dress! I like the side tie the best.

  6. Just found your blog randomly! I have that pattern and haven't made anything with it yet. I'm loving your dress though! It's beautiful and the ric rac at the neck is genius! I have to remember to do that! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I just bought this pattern last week and can't wait to make it. Super cute. I like the side tie or side bow the best. I think a tie in the back reminds me of a diner waitress. ;-)

    Way cute!! :-)

  8. You're right, Mere... I was afraid it might be sort of waitress-ey!

  9. Cute dress! I like the side tie.

  10. I love the dress! The tie is cute on the side or on the back. Impressive!

  11. Really cute! I like the side tie.

  12. I'm voting for side tie too. So cute, like everything else you do.

  13. I love that! I used another pattern from that collection, and I found them quite easy. I will have to try it when I get a chance:)

  14. This is adorable!



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