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Yellow-ing an Anthropologie tee tutorial

In the spirit of Yellow and Grey week, I thought I'd make over a long-sleeved yellow tee I had that was waiting for some attention.  I bought this at Old Navy for $5 because I was collecting yellow things, but it was pretty boring as a crew-neck, long sleeved tee.  I used the same methods as in my other ruffle tee tutorials (here and here), but with larger ruffles, so I ended up using both the sleeve pieces.  Here was my inspiration:

Except in YELLOW!
So I cut up the yellow tee (always satisfying), used the sleeve pieces to make the wide ruffles, cut up small slices and yellow buttons, and made it into another ruffly tee for me!


  1. I like your shirt better than the original! Great job!
    Stop by and visit!

  2. I, too, like yours even better than your inspiration tee! I may try this. If I'm feeling brave enough. I just might need to have a smaller bust to pull it off, though.

  3. Wow - you did an amazing job!!!! I love it!!!!


  4. That is SO cute... I've been thinking about how I can get a cute wardrobe for cheap... you are inspiring me :)

  5. Too sweet! I want to try now:)



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