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Yellow and Grey Week!!

Natalie at Natalie's Sentiments has made this week Yellow and Grey week, which has inspired me to celebrate this wonderful color combination!  Honestly, since I saw I Love You, Man last spring I have noticed that happy sunshine yellow is BACK IN and is fabulous!  I have been collecting yellow things since then and now have quite a few t-shirts, sweaters, a miniskirt, jewelry... aaah!  It is so wonderful!  Makes me feel fresh and springy all over again.  So in celebration of Natalie's themed week...

I thought I would share some of my favorite yellow pictures with you!

The looks that started it all: I Love You, Man movie

Anthro top

Mod Cloth dress

Anthro placemat (a great DIY project...)

Placesetting in Cottage Living December '08

Ruffly top at Forever 21 that I meant to copy...

Gorgeous SoCal wedding on OnceWed

Rubie Green goodies

Plenty By Tracy Reese pillow (another great DIY project)

The headboard that I made and blogged about here

Little dress that I made out of this AMAZING print fabric from JoAnn's 45" home dec section
And one more, just to show my dedication... here I am last May on a trip to Florida, wearing... wait for it... yellow and grey!!!

Wow, that was a lot of photos........ and of course there's all the greatness at BLACK.WHITE.YELLOW.  But that's enough for now.  But stay tuned for more pics of my bedroom as I re-decorate with yellow and white!


  1. Thanks for the inspiration. It's fun to see some color since we here in northeast OH haven't seen the sun in months. I didn't know that was the new color combo, but will be attuned to it now. I love the damask fabric of your headboard, pillows and dress! Fabulous!

  2. Yellow and gray has been a source of inspiration for me for years, though it hasn't shown up much in my clothes... I love all the photos you've shared, esp. the L.A. wedding!

  3. What an amazing spread! Fabulous blog!!!

  4. I just did a whole rubie green post yesterday! And how have I never seen that anthro placemat before! What a great color combo for sure!

  5. this post is like looking at candy! i love everything so much.

  6. sunshine yellow is my favorite color! when i saw i love you, man, i wanted that wedding, too!! :)

    love your blog by the way! i read it daily and am constantly inspired!

  7. Oh my goodness I love that fabric. The dress looks great!

  8. Anonymous2/06/2010

    Wow, I have never seen someone whose body shape resembles mine so closely. We could be twins! :) Just started reading your blog and I love it. Keep up the great work!
    Mimi S

  9. So fun! When I saw the invites, I thought, "Those are so Rubie Green!" And then I got further down & saw her stuff. Gorgeous wedding. So creative!



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