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Classy plaid dress

I had some nice quality wool that my mom gave me, so I made this classy plaid dress in a classic style.  It feels very Mad Men and I love that it's 100% wool.  I used McCall's M5686 as a basic pattern with a few adjustments.

Can you believe they don't give dresses like this a lining?  It would pull and tear... something this fitted needs a lining!  I gave mine a full lining, bodice and skirt, and I made the neck lower to emulate an Ann Taylor Loft one I'd seen in a magazine.  I added those self-fabric bias ruffles, too.  I'm wearing it with a thin black leather Ralph Lauren belt.  It's not ideal but was sort of the best I had.  I think it needs a little wider belt...

*We are having technical difficulties in the camera department so this was the only picture we could get before the camera died.  You can't really see the flounces close-up, and the flash is not flattering.  I will post more, better, pictures later!*


  1. So glad I found your blog! I look forward to making my own clothes this year. Happy happy new year!!

  2. This is cool!! Your blog just made me think of posting my DIY dresses too. Thanks for sharing. You're very talented.

  3. great job with the plaid - turned out great!



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