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Chic couch pillows

Today I stenciled some silk dupioni couch pillows I had but was bored with.  I just unzipped the cases, put protective magazine pages between the fabric layers, used spray adhesive to adhere the stencils, and daubed the paint on.  I mixed the $0.59 craft paint with fabric medium from JoAnn to use it on the silk.  I was excited to use my awesome bird and branch stencils, both from my neat new stencil book, Stencil Me In.  Check it out here:

The other side of the paler brown pillow has two branch stencils instead of two birdie stencils.  I feel like I have seen this type of pillow here and there and I like the simple outline design of one color on a background.  I want to make a white dupioni pillow cover and stencil the same designs on brown onto it.  

Check out some of my inspirations:

Urban Outfitters:
And this great Etsy shop/screenprinting business, Branch Handmade:
Yay stenciling!


  1. I love these pillows and I love your blog! Keep 'em coming!

  2. I love the branch stencil on the brown pillow! The birds are cute, too.



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