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Spray paint improves my funky cool lamp

I picked up this lamp at the Goodwill Outlet today for $5.  Everything there is sold by pound but lamps are either by pound or $5 each, regardless of size.  This thing is super heavy, so I paid the unit price. 

The shade isn't quite right, I know, but it's the best I could do right away.  It's an odd shape and size to get a shade for... I will keep looking.  Anyway, this thing was not nearly so attractive when I got it, and I can tell it's from an era where brown oak paneling and harvest gold carpets were in:

Maybe that's not the original harp?  It's so small for the huuuuuuge base.  It looks so bottom-heavy with a smallish shade and harp.  Anyway, I just threw some spray paint on it--black gloss, $0.99 at Lowe's.  I thought about doing it a color, and maybe sometime I will!  It reminds me of some of the cool big lamps I've been seeing, here are just a few from Crate and Barrel:



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