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Mixed media day

I spent most of today's sewing time on a Halloween costume for a 5-year old.  Productive, but not blog-worthy.  The most exciting thing I did today was finish up a thrown-together canvas wall decor project.  I wanted something above our bed, so I painted the canvases the same color as some of the furniture with the same spray paint.  I have had different ideas for the canvases, but I settled on a Frank Stella-inspired tape thing and prepared them like this:

I mixed up some acrylic paint in colors I thought would coordinate with the bedroom colors, and painted stripes here and there across the tape.  Then I used this flower stencil I bought at JoAnn with some gold spray paint (yay more spray paint!).  I added some Heirloom White spray paint (my favorite color of it, it seems) to lighten it.  They turned out like this:

I'm not totally crazy about them... the tomato-red-orange colors don't work.  I was thinking complimentary colors, but I don't love it.  They work for now, see:

(That's above the fabric I thumb-tacked to the wall as a temporary headboard... I should get to that project soon, too!)

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