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The next dress

JoAnn, with all its faults, has the greatest prints in their 45" home decor collection--heavy, canvas-ey 100% cotton prints on either white, ivory, or tan ground.  (They have a very limited selection online, but trust me there's a lot of great ones at the store).  They're only $10 a yard and I got mine with a coupon, so I spent about $10 on two yards of this super cute fabric:

I love the yellow and grey together.  I centered the center fold, offsetting the selvages.  I used this pattern:

It's one my mom had, I think.  The stamp says it's from "Cloth World", Tampa, FL.  The image above is from etsy.com (click it for the link), and it's apparently from 1970.  So, my mom must have bought it when she was 18.
(Also had this vintage zipper!  How appropriate!)

So, this afternoon I put together this cute dress from the fabric and pattern, but changed it a little.  The sleeves dated it too much, so I made it sleeveless, and I didn't want to put a seam down the center front since I didn't need to and wanted to keep the pattern centered down the front.  So I did a front detail.  And I had these great bright yellow buttons from an antique store in downtown Hillsboro!
There it is with a cozy JCrew sweater to bring it into the colder season.  I probably shouldn't be making summery dresses on the first windy, rainy day of the fall.  Oops.  But I love that fabric sooo much!!  Hopefully I will still like it next summer!


  1. Oh, it's lovely! If you don't like it by the time summer rolls around, you can mail it to the Philippines. I will more than willingly make room in my closet for it.:)

  2. hello, i REALLY love this fabric. I've been looking all over for the exact same material to accent my wedding reception. could you possibly tell me what the name and make of the material is? I couldnt find it in JoAnn's but hoping I can find elsewhere.

  3. @Karin, yes, I bought it at JoAnn's last year. It's from the collection of cute 45" wide home dec prints--they have some great ones! They may still have it, and it did come in several colors. I'd say go to a bigger JoAnn's and look, and if they don't have it, get the name of the brand from another print from the 45" wide home dec stuff.

  4. It turned out excellently!



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