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Real [Estate] Talk: How to SELL a Home

How clever is that title? ;) Thankyou,thankyou,thankyou. Haha. Seriously though, real estate can be a scary topic... I'm not sure which is scarier, the though of buying or selling, but figured we'd start with selling since I'm fresh off of it with the Stanley 90's Reno.

We personally have almost sold houses (meaning we had an offer we moved forward with) four times!, only once with mutual success. Ashley has sold a house once, in a different market than the one we're in here in the Portland area, so our experiences are pretty different. Episode 16 of the Your Home Story podcast includes our experiences plus short- and long-term tips for selling a house!

So if you think you might be selling in the next 5? years (or working with sellers as a buyer), tune in to this episode!

(You can see all of the before and after listing photos from when we bought and sold the Stanley 90's Reno here. We had quite a few issues... you can read about why our first offer fell through here.)

Listen here or in your favorite podcast player!

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