The finished product: my refurbished Louis Chair! (Part 3)

Remember my super ambitious and overwhelming chair reupholstery project? The vintage Louis XV chair my grandma gave my mom years ago. It didn't go with her house so it sat in our garage for a while because I love it so much. I'm so so happy that I've now found a great place for it in our entry way, and I've finished all the steps so we can sit on it proudly.

In Phase I, I took it apart and painted it. Then I got intimidated and didn't do anything for a while. Then in Phase II, I stapled and recovered. I even made the double piping. Then summer got busy and the chair sat around for a while partially finished.

Now, I am finally finished!!

I'm glad I went with the neutrals for the fabric and paint (even though I dreamed of hot pink! ;) ). Pillow versatility.

Proud!! I have another few chair reupholstery projects in the queue, but they're pretty big, too. Not sure I'm ready until I have some more free time, maybe in the winter?

I'm slowly learning furniture upholstery skills!!


  1. How did you end up attaching the welting? I have a naked slipper chair that's been waiting for new upholstery for more than a year. Stripping it was easy. Putting it back together is intimidating. You're inspiring me to tackle it!

  2. LOVE IT. What a fantastic job you did, with this. It looks completely professional. One of these days I will get around to learning to upholster things, but until then I'm just going to envy your awesome chair. ;)

  3. The chair is so pretty! But I'd remove the double-cushion. I think it would look neater without it. But still, it looks really cute.

  4. Wow!! It looks fantastic. I'm so impressed. I think neutrals were a good call as well. You'll have that chair forever.

  5. Thanks! I bought a high heat glue gun and used it. It was a little scary but is very secure! I used this tutorial for everything else and she uses Magna-Tac, so that seems to also work.

  6. Looks gorgeous and expensive and new! A great combination of vintage with modern that has endless styling possibilities, you should be proud!


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