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[Maybe, almost] the last summer weekend... a wonderful Labor Day off!

They say summer ends after Labor Day, but I refuse. I need more. More time off, anyway! (Plus, it was 97 degrees yesterday in Portland!!)

I know I'm a little behind since Labor Day Weekend was last weekend (--this past weekend was my birthday weekend! It was fab! Shared some Instagrams and will post a little more soon!)...

But anyway, as you may have gathered from my post last week about my orange, white, and blue for Labor Day--we had an awesome trip up in beautiful Port Angeles, Washington visiting family and it was really wonderful to take a couple days off.

My husband's grandparents have an amazing place on top of a ridge outside Port Angeles, and the views, air, and relaxed vibe are seriously magical. We were there last summer for a family reunion, but it was so nice to be back this year with better weather and a more open schedule.

What an amazing view...

And so many places to enjoy it from!

I am SO glad that I got to do some of this this summer. I was having serious campfire cravings.

More amazing views, at sunset. They have almost 300 degrees of panorama!

I took this one first thing in the morning because, OMG. The bedroom we slept in opens out onto the wraparound porch and the sunlight comes streaming through... amazing!

Just had to share. Now, looking back through, I want to go back! Can I take another vacation soon?!


  1. i agree, im never ready to part with summer. well that's putting it nicely. really, i hang onto it like a screaming toddler, grasping at the hem of her mother's skirt!!! summer always has to be pried from my hands!!! lol- not dramatic about it either!!
    that place is amazing- i could totally live there!!

  2. september is always the best month in oregon. oct. is a close second.

  3. Definitely should be an annual trip. That place is gorgeous! How fun!

  4. Someday, I will have a view like that. SOMEDAY!

    And a fluffy, rollie-pollie husky to along with my fluffy, rollie-pollie cat.

  5. Amazing pics babe! You captured their house so well!



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